What is Consciousness?


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Donna at the beachI added a new video recently on my YouTube channel. You can view it here.

In it, I talk about my communication with the souls of inanimate objects. It’s a concept that some of you may know, others are struggling to understand, and still others don’t even want to hear about it.

To speak to the consciousness of anything: animal, vegetable, or mineral, is putting aside the thinking that we, as humans, are the only souls on this planet we call Earth. Planet Earth is a learning planet…or rather…a remembering planet. This is where we come to remember who we truly are. Truly we don’t have to learn it, we only need to become it—that which we already are.

We are already healed. We are all One. We are all a unit. Unity. United in the Oneness.

Take a look at the video and please ‘like’ and ‘share.’  And the next time you sit down to a meal or drive in your car, you will have a different idea about consciousness. Thoughts change us. Change is all part of the journey.





2018=Year of Unity


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2018 UnityBefore 2017 began, I gave it the name, ‘Year of Genesis (Change).’ I’d say that was an accurate one!

That was exactly what 2017 became. Change was everywhere. Change came out of the woodwork, out of the gutter, out of the sky! And most of us didn’t know what to do with the change. We spent a lot of time wondering what the change would bring about, hoping it didn’t mean we’d have to change too. But that can never be so…

We had to change as individual souls in order for our planet to shift. It didn’t happen as seamlessly as we had hoped, but it happened none-the-less. 2017 brought into the open what our soul change brought about. Now what?

All of us, as souls together, must learn to unite as One. We forgot why we came here, to do exactly that…remember our Unity! Step up and accept the change we have become. You see, it isn’t exactly change. Change, we thought, meant becoming something we never were before. Not this time. ‘Change’ is becoming who we have always been…once again.


Donna, United in the Oneness

The time’s they are a changin’…or if you remember my post at the end of 2015, which set us up for the shift of 2017…The Mind’s They are a Changin’. You can read it again here.

Conversations with Spirit: The Path


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I love when clients ask questions. This excerpt is from a conversation with Spirit and a client via FB messenger. The fun continues!


IMG_0551N: How do we know which path our soul wants us to take?

Spirit: You let go of what is past, number one. You tune in. To be honest, everything you choose is the path. Be open to anything on that path…even a sudden fork that causes a turn in another direction. It’s all good. Eventually your soul needs no choice. There is only One.

Again, to be honest…you ‘get it’ when it’s time to get it. Haha. The real work is staying tuned into you and the present moment.

N: Present Moment Awareness. Will work on that and thank you! Something big I have been telling my friends, [is] to let ourselves feel our feelings without trying to numb them. Is that a good way to stay present? Asking yourself, “What am I feeling right now”?

Spirit: Yea! Bring it into the physical body. How is this feeling affecting my body? Then deal with the emotion. Especially when it’s tough to get rid of emotions around anything.

N: Goes straight to my stomach! I always feel stress there. That’s good to know, to feel how it’s affecting the body. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am truly feeling so by starting there it may be easier to figure out.

Spirit: Notice it immediately. Don’t go into the feeling, only the physical sensation of it. And if it’s in the belly, breathe deep inhales and exhales. Focus only on the physical. Once you accept the physical that will bring the true emotion out.


Dreaming: A Message From Jerry Hicks


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Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks

This message was channeled two years ago. Dreams are very important for the ‘shift’ in soul consciousness. Things that cannot change in your physical and emotional body during the day, can be done through your dreams. The trick is to allow that to happen.

Donna speaks to Jerry Hicks about Recent Dreams 

Donna: As I woke up I noticed the multi-level, the multi-layers of my dreams the last few night. Some of the old players came back. No new players, just all old players. People I’ve forgotten. People I’m trying to forget. People I think I’ve let go of. People I’m obviously still letting go of. I can’t explain what the dreams meant. As I woke up I went through them again in my head. Not just the pictures of them, but the feelings. What was I feeling as I was in the dream?

It felt like I was in the dream. The me who is talking with you right now was actually in the dream, not just a fragment of me. And when I woke up, I asked for some clarity on that and Jerry said,

Jerry: I’m the closest to those dreams. I’ll answer for you.

You are correct, Donna, they are about the multi-layers of your personality, of who you were when you were in those relationships. Pieces of you you had no idea existed during those time and now we use your dreams to go deeper into those layers, deeper into those thoughts, thoughts that you did not even think you had during those times. And now during these dreams we bring you more present (laughing) during those times.

Donna: I’m getting it now. When I actually lived my moments with these people—these players—I wasn’t present. I wasn’t living as me. I was living as this piece, but it wasn’t me. Explain that more.

Jerry: That’s it. You were living a piece of you, not your entire existence. You were just a piece. How can you respond, play out a scene, if it’s not the full you? If you haven’ reached down? If you haven’t touched the depths of who you truly are? How can you be anything but who you are in that moment as a piece of you? (slower speech) I know, sometimes these channelings are difficult because Donna is attempting to figure it out as I speak. And not just letting my words flow.

Donna: Laughing… I apologize Jerry. That is exactly what I was doing. Okay, I’ll let go a little bit more.

Jerry: So here you are in these dreams and do you notice how you don’t really do anything in the dream? You don’t move, but everyone around you moves?

Donna: Yes, I do notice that.

Jerry: So in your dreams you hang out and you feel and you watch everything that’s going on as who you are now, that’s why you feel more connected in these dreams and not who you were back then. Because now we are processing these moments…and I know, I know, I know, they look like nothing to you – these dreams—but they are everything. They are made up scenes so that you can feel differently now, about the scenes. You can process what’s happening in the scenes as who you truly are now and not as you were back then.

Donna: Phew. Deep breath on that one. My question then is…Is that why it’s more emotional now? Emotional on a deeper level? Because that person is no longer here and all I’m left with is the emotion of it.

Jerry: Yep. That’s it. What you are going to do now with these emotions? What are you going to do with them?

Donna: I’m hoping that they are being played out in the dream and the process now is to be present with them as I go through the day today. Because the sadness is so freakin’ deep.

Jerry: It is. It goes back to our time, Donna. Not just the time with them in this lifetime.

Donna: Crap

Jerry: I’m with you. I will help you. Acknowledge me. And that the dreams are deep. The dreams are deep because you are allowing them to be. That is why they are so deep. And they could be about him? For a lot of people they could be about the actual person or they could be about the feeling that person brought up in this lifetime. Now we are going to go back further with you. Let us take you there to get through the feelings.

Your New Present Moment


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img_0367This morning’s message comes from the entity Abraham. During my morning meditation, Abraham began to tap into my thoughts of grief. He (for I speak to the first entity in this group), began to send me new thoughts of myself as Soul.

Today being the only day to experience this new present moment.

Abraham:  What you say and do in this present moment has ties to the past. Recognizing those ties is how you begin to discern how to change the present

Are you reacting to something you’ve experienced in the past? Or is this moment presenting itself as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow past the past?

Growing past your past experience. Use this time today to grow beyond what you’ve experienced before…in the past. Move into new ways of receiving the information your soul is sending you.

Your soul is you and you are integrating new ways of existence.

Holding onto your past feelings and responses is exactly that…holding. Holding is not letting go. Let go of all past judgements of yourself, for you are the one who judges and you are the one being judged.

The soul who you truly are is never judge or jury or accused.

Your soul is you.

Merge with it.

Feel into it.

Be with it like you’ve never been before.

A piece of you remains hidden and cannot access soul. Open to a new present moment, one you’ve never experienced before. This is the new version of the present moment. This is the way you receive present moment status.

Present moment vibration.

This is a new vibration.

This is a new way of being as your soul, not with your soul.

You are soul.



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AbeThis channeled message from the very wise soul who was Abraham Lincoln, came through in 2014, but the message is timeless.

Separateness In Your Physical Body

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.”

Abraham Lincoln, (circa Lincoln’s presidency)

Donna:  There’s so much talk lately about being ‘One’. This morning I awoke with a feeling of separateness within my own body. Never mind separate from other beings, I felt separate from myself!

It’s hard to feel like I have it ‘together’ when my neck hurts; my back–for years–has been challenging to say the least; and I am screaming out for companionship. I realized last night, once again: my lesson for this lifetime is to accept the fact that, right now, I’m doing it myself. So stop waiting Donna, for something or someone else to make it easier.

This morning I heard the word “separateness” and I asked spirit what this means within me.

Mr. Lincoln, since he was with me so much yesterday, was the first to chime in. I struggled with allowing this. I wanted time to myself to just do my yoga practice. What a concept. Here I am struggling with being alone, but yet all I wanted to do was be alone (someone stop this madness)! So I compromised. I did some partner yoga with Abe. Surprisingly, he’s very flexible!

Mr. Lincoln:  Oh dear Donna, how well I know what you are talking about. Let me sit near you this morning so you – we – may both feel some togetherness. I lived with feeling alone. Surrounded by many, I was alone–alone with my thoughts, alone with my feelings. I never felt I could share my true feelings. No one understood, or should I say no one could respond with any comforting words. No one had that ability. I didn’t even have that ability for myself. I judged me. I judged all those feelings and at the same time wanted all of them to stop. I knew they were a part of me and I blamed that part of me for all my aloneness–my separateness–not just from others, but in me. There were even times when I heard myself say to me, “Who are you?” Parts of me were this and parts of me were that.

So I stayed with all of that. Kept it hidden. Which kept me at a distance from all, even myself. Oh I feel it now. My poetry was a way of sharing. But that was scary too. They talked about me more. They used that as a form of separation from me.

How can I explain better? When people read my poetry, they put me in a box. Those walls then separated us. Instead of bringing us closer together with words, those words separated us. Now you can imagine what happened after that. I lost a form of, an outlet, for myself. Why share if no one heard my words?

Donna:  I’m so sorry. I understand that. Your way of expression was not taken for what it was. You were expressing how you were feeling. So many misunderstood artists. So creative, but yet so blamed for their art as an expression. So what happened next?

Abe:  Well, you know what happened. My separateness grew until I only heard my own words in my head. It was harder and harder for me to get it together. I would, but I knew there was something big coming. I knew this was not the time for me. This life. I did what I came here to do and I accepted my fate.

Could you imagine if I had told others that? I tried. They just wanted to protect me. And I knew there was no protection wide enough to stop what was coming. Can you see why Jerry and I became such good friends?

Donna:  Absolutely I do. I was smiling when you were talking about that time. I love you guys.

Abe:  (Big smile). So we understand each other. This is a way to oneness. Understanding what the other is going through and not attempting to fix it. You’ve heard that before. How can someone understand you if they don’t understand themselves yet? Their feelings of separateness are more vast than yours. You can see the view of all these forms of you. You can acknowledge them. Others are still looking for the pieces of themselves that are buried deep within the layers. This is different from the masks. Feelings of separation in your own body come thru as emotions, physical sensations and complaints about all of those. When you have a mask on, none of those feelings even exist.

Donna:  I get that. I see that and I feel that.

Abe:  Yes, so many feelings went into that statement from you — understanding, seeing, and feeling. All at the same time.

Donna: It hurts, physically and emotionally.

Abe: Yes it does. I understand that. And I feel that and I see that in you. Can you accept my understanding?

Donna: Yes I can. And I feel closer to you now.

Abe:  Exactly. That’s the idea. When someone understands and feels with you, you will be closer to oneness with them. So much work to still do. But there is hope among the masses. Hope. Much to sacrifice to get to the point of oneness. I work with many. I give hope and I offer faith–the faith I have in them.

Donna:  I’m sure there are many here who appreciate your feelings for them. Appreciate and love what you offer them, unconditionally.

Abe:  Yep! Unconditionally. I love and I feel for you. I do know this will help you. Just as it will help others when you share it. Cheers to another great conversation!

Donna:  Thank you for everything!


Please ‘like’ and ‘share.’


From the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY

How a Past Life Memory Can Heal


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hands-in-chainsI am a medium. The word itself is outdated. A medium these days doesn’t only channel non-physical entities; a medium is also a healer. Not only do I connect with souls/spirit/guides from non-physical, they can also send me glimpses of your past lives so that you may heal present life challenges. There will always be a message for you. Your work is to receive the message and integrate it into your life in order to re-member your soul purpose.

When a past life image presents itself to me, the scene plays out in my head and I become my client in the image. I am able to share the images, feelings, and emotions. Spirit will take me through the scene slowly, and at each break I ask if the scene–and what it may signify in this life–resonates with my client. As I speak, I ask the client to only respond to questions with, ‘Yes. No or maybe.’ I want spirit to do the work and not them. I recently had a very powerful session and I asked him if I could share with others. He said, “Of course!”

The scene started this way…I saw him chained to the ground in a seated position in the middle of the desert. A group of men had put him there with his approval, and I felt it was a penance of some sort. Then the men walked away; however, they never returned. They were supposed to return in a few days, but something horrible happened and they all perished. My client didn’t know that though and remained chained and waiting.

As I explain this scene to my client, I asked these questions first, “Do you have trouble relating to or dealing with men?” He replied with a emphatic, “YES!” I continued, “Do you feel you cannot trust them?” Again, a resounding, “Yes!” I began to help him understand the reason they did not come back and how that is NOT happening in this life.

The scene continued. I began to get agitated in the vision (remember, I become the person in the vision). I saw myself pulling at the chains and pounding the ground with anger. I was yelling out for help, but no one came. My wrists started to hurt as I pulled at the chains hoping to break free.

I then asked my client, “Do you have pain in your wrists or arms?” He said, “I’ve had pain for a long time there. I had to drop out of college because of the tendonitis in my forearms.” I continued, “Do you also have a dryness in your throat that doesn’t heal?” Again he said, “Yes.” He was beginning to understand the relation to the past lifetime and what he was experiencing in this lifetime.

As the vision continued, there were now animals that walked in front of him just beyond his reach. These animals could have been food for him, but he was unable to pull the chains out of the ground and grab these animals.

I asked him, “Do you feel that things are always just beyond your reach? Things that could heal you or help you grow?” He said, “Yes!” And he understood why now.

Seeking that which you will find

Seeking that which you will find

Back in the scene, I noticed I couldn’t move from the ground. My legs were immobile. I was paralyzed from the waist down in the vision. I began to understand. He put himself out in the desert in the hopes of healing his physical body. This was what they believed then. This was his penance.

We both became very sad. And the healing began. My client walked out of this session with a new version of his life. He could see now why he never trusted men. He could understand how they always abandoned him in this life, from his father to his co-workers. And he also understood how he came into this lifetime surrounded by women. His messages were clear and so were the lessons.

When you die in a previous lifetime with challenges like these, they will be very pronounced in your next lifetime. These challenges were not resolved in the previous lifetime so his next lifetime was filled with lessons regarding the last one.

I was fortunate to be able to see him the next few days as this new realization began to change his life. He was feeling much better and his attitude was shifting.

I love my job! You can view more about my readings on my website. I look forward to speaking with you and being an active participant in your healing.


Moving through the timelines with you.

Manifestation of Thought; a Mindfulness Practice


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MindfulnessAll of us have moments of unproductive thinking (maybe lots of moments), and many of us have tried anything and everything to stop it or turn it into something positive. I’m going to add one more tool for your box in this blog post. I’ll call it ‘manifestation of thought in the physical body.’

I’ve suffered with morning depression for a good portion of my life (It ended when I saw the past-life it came from!). The feeling of ‘dread’ when I first woke up was debilitating until I actually got out of bed and began my day. The trouble was actually getting out of bed. It only happened at sunrise, so if I managed to sleep past this time, I was good to go.

One of the tools I used was recognizing how that ‘feeling’ was presenting itself in my physical body. This practice took me out of my head and into another realm of feeling, and from there, the negative thought I had was stopped in its tracks.

At the moment of waking, I immediately asked myself where this ’emotion’ was presenting, or showing up, in my physical body. The trick was to catch this brief moment before the depression hit full force. I already had many years of mindfulness practice, so this seemed like it could be easy.

My first try was successful; however, I questioned it, and then I was taken out of the present moment and back into the feeling of ‘dread.’ From there, I had to try again the next morning. (Another lesson is to not judge yourself as you practice any form of meditation or awareness.)

The next morning I caught the moment as soon as I woke up, before I even opened my eyes. I asked myself where is this feeling showing up in my body? I could feel it in my stomach and there was a tightening of the muscles. I sent my breath there (mindfulness) and slowly breathed in and out. The feeling of ‘dread’ softened as I breathed into my belly. I stayed with that breath for a bit and slowly got up with not another thought of the dread.

Could it be that easy? I’d have to see what the next morning would bring. So, I did it again. Upon waking, I felt the dread coming, and I asked again, “Where is this feeling in my body?”  I felt tension in my shoulders. I used ‘mindfulness’ again, and brought my breath into my shoulders, one at a time. They relaxed and a sense of peace came over me; something I haven’t felt in the morning for quite some time. I felt this peace not only  in my body, but in my mind.

This is a form of mindfulness practice; noticing when the thought occurs in your mind-catching it in that first moment-and moving it into another form…the physical body. This will take you out of your ‘monkey mind’ and give you another way to observe where the thought is originating. The next time your mind goes to an ‘unhappy’ place, stop and breathe. Scan your body and notice where this ‘thought’ is manifesting. Bring your breath there and watch the thought as it softens.

Is the thought actually in the body? It certainly is. Much of what we’ve experienced, especially trauma, settles in the physical body. The original trauma may have happened at a time in your life when you couldn’t process the full emotion. It’s a coping mechanism and we all have created them and continue to have them and use them.

Yoga is another form of mindfulness practice; watching the movement in your physical body so that the body can release the emotion from the tendons, joints, and ligaments. I’ve had many moments of tears on my yoga mat.

I know this practice will add another layer of ‘feeling’ to your practice and your present moment awareness. Use this technique any time your mind gets away from you. Separate yourself from the thought. Notice the difference between ‘you’ and your mind.

Meme for EFYSWe are already healed…we’ve only forgotten. This is the time of re-membering.


Entering the stream of consciousness through mindfulness.







Abraham Lincoln on ‘Fear’


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AbeThe following is a conversation I had with Mr. Lincoln back in 2014. It rings true even more today. Time to honor the fear we have hidden so well deep down in our being. The Soul of who we truly are, is ready to accept the role we chose to play on this lively planet Earth.

Donna: President Lincoln, can you go deeper into the word “fear” and why and how it is manifested? How it manifests in us as these human “doings” and not human “beings.”

Pres. Lincoln: Fear. I will gladly speak of fear though I speak of it with a heavy heart because I knew much fear. And I knew those around me and I felt those around me in their fear.

When I was on the earth plane I did not understand what I understand now. So we fought with fear. We felt the fear rage and then called it anger. And all we knew how to do was live in this anger and we had to stop others. We had to stop them from stopping our fear and the only way we knew how to stop them was to use anger. 

Today, in your day now Donna, the fear bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Before it has a chance to even come to the surface, it is pushed down by anger. Anger is easily controlled. Anger is a controlling emotion [we feel we can control IT]. Fear, [on the other hand] controls US. Fear controls those who do not see the anger. They only move through anger and do not feel the fear.

abe-on-spirit-cardThey can control anger. They cannot control fear. Fear controls them. Am I not making sense now? Yes, I know you see it. That is a good statement. They can control their anger; however, fear controls them, and they cannot—will not—allow that.

Please share with others. Let’s begin a conversation about fear and anger. The conversation will begin and end with ‘love.’


Passing through the moments of my soul life with all of you.

We Have Always Been Soul


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soulsI trust my guides…implicitly, it was always my choice to listen or not listen. As I began to walk and talk and ‘be’ with more clarity of my true purpose, I checked off my lessons on this planet one by one.

A friend sent me an article the other day and in it the author was saying…”we (humans) made a mess of the earth and ourselves..”

That is untrue…in my knowing. We all came here to play a role and learn the lessons we chose to learn. Our souls knew that the moment we chose to come into a human body, we were in the exact place we were meant to be. Whatever our role; from the souls who shot Lincoln and JFK, to the soul who chose to be Hitler, to those who choose everyday to die in war, natural disaster, or from dis-ease—these were choices and now all of us learn the lessons from their choices as well as our own. (I’ll add here that being grateful for the souls that cross our paths each day is a wonderful mindfulness practice.)

Earth was set up to be a ‘learning planet.’ All who come here are involved in that lesson. In order to further our evolution as souls, we had to be in a place where we could play out that scenario.

soul-imageWe are soul, have always been soul, and will always be soul. As you dive deeper into your lessons for this lifetime, your soul feels lighter and there is a merging of self and soul…not a collision. The true Self is Soul. There is no difference. We cannot make mistakes, only walk the path that we are following.

Know this and know it well…there are no accidents or mistakes. You are doing just as you chose to do.


Living life as the soul I Am (God)