Donna Boyle, Medium, Oracle, and Spiritual Teacher, with Yoga and Meditation thrown in
Virginia, USA...at the moment

Bio: My passion this lifetime is to support the current shift of soul consciousness. My teaching and mediumship are centered on helping others align with their True Self. My gifts became evident to me in 2012, when Jerry Hicks appeared to me from non-physical. Since then I have been channeling, giving readings and writing books, all as a clear channel for Spirit. Join me on my path of re-membering. I will share with you my guides, my past-lives, and many stories that may help you find your soul/sole purpose. Follow me on FB, Twitter, and YouTube, for many great quotes and stories from my guides, such as; Abraham Lincoln, Jerry Hicks, The Great Masters, Anu, and more! When you are open to receive, there are many ways Spirit can and WILL speak with you. I look forward to hearing from you! In service with Spirit, Donna Boyle, Cobbler Transdimensional Warrior "I mend souls" https://evolutionforyoursoul.wordpress.com/

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Donna! I am absolutely more than interested in your reading! Let’s figure it out. My email is angela.joseph@ymail.com. Thank you and I couldn’t think of anything more I would like to win. I saw that you experienced Hoyt as well. How profound it was 🙂

    In gratitude ~

    Angela Joseph


  2. Hi Donna, thank you for sharing your lovely experiences on your blog! Your stories inspire me to explore my own connection to Spirit and communicate with the non-physical. Even though I am used to exploring past lives, I am still a little weary of communicating with Spirit and spirits – possibly my old fear of ghosts is still haunting me 😉 But lately that is giving way for a growing desire to connect and your blog is inspiring me to do that even more! Reading your examples gave me chills… the good kind 😉 Thank you! Love, Wendy


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