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soul-imageEmpaths, Lightworkers . . . both old paradigm labels. As Souls on this Earth, we are ALL feeling Souls. No one Soul is better than the other. We are all on the path to find the connection to our true Soul. We no longer have to sit in the labels of Third dimension. Moving through Fourth and into Fifth dimension, we allow duality to slip away and recognize we must sit in the only one true emotion . . . Love.

There is a separateness to what you perceive as physical “body” and your true Soul. Duality does not exist in the Fifth dimension and beyond. You are a Soul who has come here to learn and exist in a physical world, but now your Soul needs to learn the next phase of this evolution. The next lesson is . . .  we all are Souls doing the same work of Love, learning the same message of Love, and on the same path of Love. I like to call it a Love Vibration.

As Souls, we have never reached this point in our evolution. At this moment, there is no need to process everything that happens as we once did, and if we do, it is much quicker. Our bodies are taking on the evolution and this could mean there are physical aches and pains. Accept and receive that your Soul is evolving and the body wants to come along. Our need to pick apart and analyze everything, at this point in Fourth dimension, is no longer needed. Your body is affected by your state of confusion regarding what we think we still need to work on.

How do you know you are not in a Love vibration? Some things to recognize:

  • Questioning
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Distractions: any drug, alcohol, anger, judgment.
  • Monkey mind

Be present in each moment. Start by sensing what is happening in the room outside yourself. Take a deep breath and notice the scents in the room. Walk around and notice sound, instead of the mind wanting to carry you away with thought. Allow your presence to be in and around your physical body for a moment. We tend to get caught in the next “thing” instead of appreciating the present moment and the lessons that exists.

Each morning, honor your “awakening.” Your Soul expands during the night. Honor that newness as you awaken each day. Walk through the Fifth dimensional portal. It is open — has always been— and now receiving occupants. There is room for all Souls. Fourth dimensional awareness isn’t disappearing; it has expanded to merge into Fifth.

In the Fifth dimension, we are the Souls we came here to be. Show up for yourself in the “new” New.

What happens when you remain in the lower vibrations?

Lower vibrations hold you with old paradigm words and phrases. Your body will react to lower vibrations. Situations will rise up. Notice though, when you don’t react anymore to those situations. Recognize what the Fourth dimension was and as you rise up into Fifth, you will also recognize that.

You are doing Quantum healing work. Acupuncture is one example of quantum healing. You go with the process that your body is feeling. You are watching as an active participant, present with the practice. Your mind (ego, another word that is old paradigm) and body will work together in the Fifth dimension. There are no wrong turns at this point. Everything is for your Evolution as a Soul.


Present in the Oneness that is,

Donna, Soul Shifter (I think I like that one!)

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