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Donna spring bike rideI just released a video on my YouTube channel. You can find it here. I talk about the new paradigm, flash dreams, and what they have to do with Debbie Reynolds. I post videos after I’ve processed what Spirit wants me to speak about. This one, if you think about it, took over two years to come to fruition.

The other day, before I was about to go on a Zoom reading, I saw my client’s mother, Rosemarie, in the world of non-physical. I’ve spoken to her before and she is in a realm of Spirit that is pretty high . . . meaning, she has done the work in many lives to become an ascended master, of sorts.

I’ve known this family since I was young. But I never would’ve guessed, when we came back to speaking again just a few years ago, that my friend’s mother would be someone I would be speaking to in non-physical, let alone hearing such fabulous words for our evolution.

But there she was, and this time she spoke to me before the reading. As I’ve said, I don’t typically “hear” from the Spirit world unless I open the “door.” I’ve told Spirit, if they were going to come through at any other time, it better be GOOD. This time, she spoke words that I’ve known to be true, but was good to hear the confirmation from Spirit world.

“Oh, Donna. I’m so tired,” she spoke.

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked.

“There are many of you that ask for guidance from Spirit. You ask, Why is this happening? When will this end? But then no one hangs around to listen to our response. You run around doing the things you do; still being the fast doing Souls that you are.”

I got that. Spirit told me, when this CoronaLove thing started, that we are “missing something.” I think we are missing many things, but let’s talk about what Rosemarie told me.

Spirit hears us when we speak to them, whether we are talking out loud or in our head, in prayer or as we are driving our cars. What Spirit doesn’t understand is, why don’t we sit still long enough to listen? Do we expect Spirit to call us on the phone with the answers to our questions?

It takes practice to “still the mind” so that we can listen, truly listen, to the signs and messages from Spirit. They may come through in a thought, a vision, a song on the radio, a passage in a book or a dream. However, as we stay busy, even in this time of being still, we “tune” Spirit out and not in.

Please, I am asking for myself as well as the higher realms of Spirit world, stay present. Stay still in moments of busyness. Find the moments to be silent. Find your answers in your quiet times with Spirit. Stop running away from your Soul. Your Soul wants your attention and would love it if you would listen.

Please share this post with your friends, family, and colleagues. We all have a new mission now, the New, New mission of our Souls.

Vibrationally yours . . . always in Love,



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