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Join me tonight, March 24, 6pm EST/5pm CST/3pm PST for a guided Quantum Healing Meditation. Here is the link on YouTube for the LIVE session and you will also be able to tune in at anytime and receive this fabulous source of your own healing potential.

Quantum Healing Meditation combines practical science with intangible spirituality. It creates physical change in the body through intention and visualization. Through creative and spontaneous visualization, the practice is said to strengthen the immune system and heal the body.

This meditation is best done lying down. If you have headphones, please use them to block out any noise around you. Quantum Healing meditations are not passive. You will be visualizing and aware of the intentions and vibrations of your body during this time.

I received these meditations from Spirit during some fabulous acupuncture sessions. These meditations have never been shared before and I have three of them to guide you through during this moment of change.



See you soon!

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