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jfk-answering-quesitonsI’ve spoken to JFK a few times. You can find those conversations HERE.A month ago, he came through to me and wanted to talk about The Shift that we, as humans, have been going through. He first told me I denied his presence this time, and he was correct.

Three days earlier, I was feeling my signs that “someone” from the world of Spirit wanted to speak, but I was passing it off as something else. I wanted more proof and I was feeling I didn’t have the “space” to channel at that moment. (This was on November 22.)Proof — that’s something many of us want. We don’t want to believe it when we feel or think something. We say it’s not Spirit, it’s just our own mind.

I get this question a lot, “How do I know it’s Spirit and
not me?” My answer is . . . PRACTICE. We are here to practice; to move
through our moments with consciousness and intention. Consciousness is
what we already know, intention is something we practice moving
forward with.

When I first began to channel, I asked many times for proof — more
than once a day. Spirit always sent the proof. There was some part of
me that questioned “why” I was doing this. Didn’t I know already that
Spirit was always there and that I was doing what I was “meant to do?”

I guess I didn’t. Looking back, I feel I was saying to my Soul that I wasn’t a
part of my own existence. I can imagine how that would make ME feel —
not connected, but separate. If you’ve been following me recently, this is exactly what we need to stop feeling . . . separate.

This is a time of ONENESS. I am no longer using the word “unity,” because even that feels separate, or feels all of us come together as separate beings, not ONE. Oneness is about all coming together as ONE.Words are very powerful; the vibration of words and our use of them.

I just published my first eBook. (You can view it or purchase
it HERE.) I’ve loaded it with phrases from the world of Spirit. As you
can imagine, any words spoken to a channel, from Spirit, are very
high vibrational. These words or phrases can bring about large shifts
in your Soul. By reading or saying them out loud, your
consciousness/vibration lifts, and your Soul is transformed. (My second
book is one of poetry from the Universe. Stay posted for that release.)


Three days after I first got the signs of Spirit wanting to speak, I settled in to “see” who it was. The Soul who was JFK, spoke of The Shift. As he did, I felt very 6th dimensional. 6th dimension is about “seamless moments.”

A year ago, I experienced a day of 6th dimension. I didn’t share it because I wanted to know that it was what it was and if I could hold onto it. The “holding on” is not something I needed to worry about. The shift happened when I walked through the moments of that day and didn’t notice anything but my Soul. One of my favorite phrases from Spirit is, “Notice everything until you notice nothing at all.” This is the Shift. However, Spirit, or rather JFK, is telling us something different.

As I channeled his words, I could feel my Soul shifting — shifting
into higher consciousness in order to receive the words. I took the next month to “feel” his words and experience what becoming THE SHIFT felt like.

There have been many years where we all have heard these common phrases,

“Did you feel that Shift?”

“There must be something coming. I felt the Shift.”

“I here there’s a Shift coming.”

“I can’t wait to feel the Shift.”

You are the Shift! We don’t have to wait for it anymore.

Oh, and this is the best sign . . . Just yesterday, I was walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn and stopped at the JFK bust. There, plain as day, was the date of his passing, November 22. It was at that moment, I thought about the day he first tried to access my consciousness. Was it November 22?

Today, I sit at my computer after enjoying my birthday, and I looked at the day I wrote the channeled message. It was November 25th. Then I did “the math.” It was three days before, on November 22nd, that he first came through and tried to speak to me. And that’s the way Spirit makes a joke. I love my process of continually receiving the signs and sometimes, not accepting them right away. I had my proof.Without further ado, here are the higher conscious words of the Soul that used to be John F Kennedy :


jfkThis is my message to you today. I’ve been attempting to get your attention for the last few days. You knew I was there, but you denied my presence. Just as many of your friends deny my presence — Spirit’s presence in their lives.

A time to begin anew, with the NEW. You are the Shift and no longer feel it happening.

You are the Shift and that allows you to move others into it. Before, it was you feeling what we allowed you to feel. Now you are the Shift. The newness of the NEW. You are the Shift. You are the Shift. Take responsibility for that.You are beginning a new age of Shifting by becoming the Shift itself. This is the vibration that goes out now from you — your essence. Bring it out more. Alert others that you are the Shift. You have become the Shift of what is to be NOW.

The Shift of you is the one that others will now feel in their Soul. You have become the Shift. What else can I say? Shift on! The Shift begins! The New Shift is NOW. The Shift is You. Become the feeling of the Shift and not something you “run” into or it runs into you. You are IT. You are the Shift!

I’m with you. I put my arm around you when you feel sad. You are me and I am you. Let’s be ONE together. One in the Oneness.

Happy New Year all you SHIFTERS!


Please “share” this. We all need to know, WE ARE THE SHIFT!