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Debbie's scarfI have been helping my mom relocate some of her things – decluttering. This morning we were going through her many scarves. She took one out and said it was given to her by Debbie Reynolds when she visited OHI (Optimum Health Institute in CA). I told her she couldn’t give this away and I held it for a bit and said, “I’m going to channel Debbie today!”

It didn’t take her long to start talking to me. In fact, I put her on hold because I wanted to wait until the evening. But all through the day she kept repeating one word to me, “Beauty.” She also tapped her foot most of the day waiting for me to listen to her. She seemed very insistent and did not want to wait until I finished my day. I felt her Soul as one who is determined to have others listen. She wants to be in control of the conversation and when it happens. Of course, I didn’t know her in the physical world, so I cannot confirm if this was part of her persona.

When I finally sat down for our “chat”, she began immediately, but did not judge me for holding her off. Of course she didn’t, she’s ONE with the Oneness now.

Debbie ReynoldsDebbie:  The beauty here far exceeds what you—any of you—can imagine. You won’t realize it until you arrive, hopefully not soon. There’s a feeling of beauty. It’s not something you see, because we don’t “see” here in the world of Spirit ­— we feel the beauty with our vibration.

Everyone knows everyone and no one uses names here. We sense beauty in every Soul. The beauty of the vibration is something I’ve never felt before. I’ve seen beauty and I’ve longed to feel beauty – not beautiful – beauty! Try to get a sense for the word and how it would feel in your physical body. It’s not easy, is it? There are so many things that get in your way. You may think you don’t deserve to feel such a word. You get caught up in that it has to be a physical thing and not a “spiritual” feeling.

You all are beauty. Your inside beauty is what we see from here – this world of what you call, the “non-physical.” It only means there are not physical beings here, only Souls that are beauty.

Donna: As you were speaking, I tried to sense beauty, but all I could see in my mind was something that I might consider “beautiful.” Like a mountain, or a field of flowers. I was putting a physical definition on the word.

Debbie:  That’s right. It’s not a physical definition. It’s wanting a sense of the piece of all the beautiful things and putting the vibration of that beauty inside your Soul. And then feeling it take you over. And eventually your physical body disappears into beauty.

Donna: I like that and will practice that. Thank you for coming around to see me today. And thanks for giving Jeanette your scarf that day. It made for a pleasant conversation with you.

Debbie:  I’d like you to know how peaceful it is here. Don’t think there is so much going on; there is only so much not going on. Beauty surrounds all of us here in the Oneness. It weaves its way through us and through you to us. That is how we all stay connected—the beauty that we all are as One.

And there you have it . . . Debbie Reynolds! I had a Oneness moment with Debbie Reynolds!


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