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I recently gave a talk on ‘Spirituality’ in Redondo Beach, CA at Allomi Studio. You can find it here on my YouTube channel:


Spirituality is a word that changes as we evolve. All words change as we evolve. The word ‘medium’ can no longer describe what some of us do, as mediums. Spirituality involves more than a spiritual practice; it’s an every day, every minute practice. Spirituality is walking a path of integrity: in thought, in deed, and in speech. Spirituality and awareness go hand in hand. One example: it’s about not blaming others for your own emotions. Recognizing that what others do may cause you to have an emotion, but that emotion is yours and it is also ‘yours’ to not blame the ones that brought it up. Honor the feeling and recognize the shift in yourself as you process it. Judging others for your discomfort, only holds all involved in a paradigm that is shifting and there is no control. In this case, the shift is happening, but no one is moving. This is what causes suffering.

There is something definitely new about this time on our planet. I’ve been talking about it for awhile now…the Rift in the Shift. As souls, we have reached a place that we’ve never been before in any lifetime. Shifting is the only way through to the next place in our soul’s existence.

The other day I was actively (when I say ‘actively’ it means I was struggling with something) thinking about why, even though I was in a good place, was I feeling a strain to move forward as my soul intended. I decided to go into a past life and see where I could get some answers.

My meditations get right to the point these days. Spirit doesn’t waste any time showing me the answer to my question. If this is the order that I am meant to receive something, I will get it immediately. I got it alright…here’s what went down, and my interpretation as it was evolving in my head during the meditation.

  • I see myself standing in a wide open space, facing forward. (This is telling me I am on the path of my soul…open to receive.)
  • All of a sudden, this group of some sort of alien or monster-like creatures start running toward me. (I begin to think I’m facing a fear. It’s coming at me head-on.)
  • One monster runs right at me and through me. (Wait, what was that? He didn’t even see me? I’m still standing. He went right through me!)
  • I don’t turn around to see what is happening behind me. I continue looking forward. (This brought up two things in me. 1. Hey! Doesn’t anyone see me!  2. Whatever this was, was more interested in what I was bringing forward than me.)
  • I stood there for a moment, and took in the scenery. It was still an open field. Whatever was happening behind me, wasn’t changing the path I was on.
  • Spirit told me they weren’t AFTER you, they were after what happened AFTER you.

What did I receive from this viewing? I immediately began to cry and feel the rush of emotions passing through me. I called out, “I want to be seen! I am ready to be seen!” After that realization, I analyzed what Spirit said. I am afraid to DO what I am meant to do because of this rush of angry crowd coming to knock me down and they are in fear of what will happen after I accept my sovereignty.

Okay, let’s break it down. There are many out there that want to keep their awareness under wraps. They have a fear of showing up for themselves and honoring their true purpose here. There are also those out there that want you to do that. There will always be someone out there that wants you to stay down and they live in fear and want to scare you so that you don’t move forward. If you rise up, then they will no longer be at ‘the top.’ There is no top and there is no bottom. That’s duality.

What Spirit is saying through this view, is you aren’t afraid of accepting your purpose, you are afraid of what will happen after. Whether that is: you will change, those around you will change, or others will be angry at your change. There’s more to come, let’s get that straight. No doubt about that, but, only if we accept our sovereignty. Rise up. Rise up. You are worthy!

How does this show up for you in your life? Try out these mantras today:


I AM ready to be seen.

I AM ready to be.

I AM Ready.

I AM Ready to accept the NEW (insert your name here)!

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Cheers to all of you accepting your sovereignty!