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IMG_4652A few weeks ago I was given a message from Spirit. A friend and I were having a conversation regarding the current emotional and physical challenges many of us were having. To be honest, I’ve been in this current ‘shift’ for about 30 years and there always seems to be a ‘push’ or a ‘shake-up’ every few months. I don’t get too excited about them anymore..however, this one seemed to be different; different based on the things that have been coming through from Spirit over the last few months.

2019, I was told, will be the ‘Year of Higher Purpose.’ (see my blog here) I got excited when I heard that from Spirit. Could this be the time where we will go further than we ever have in any lifetime? It felt that way to me. I’ve talked about that we set goals for ourselves in every lifetime, and when we reach said ‘goals,’ we feel a shift, a small moment (or big) of clarity. My mission has been to support this shift of soul consciousness, whenever it happens, whether in a group or individually.

So after Spirit told me about the ‘rift in the shift,’ I was excited to see what would come next. The rift was a force that entered the stream of consciousness…the Oneness. And when it entered, it was curious to see what the Oneness was all about. This force, I’ll say it was an ‘unconscious’ force, (meaning if I were to run up on it here in the physical world it would leave me a little shaky), left a hole in the Oneness and shook us up. Hence, the physical symptoms and emotional stuff over the last few weeks. Spirit told me at that time to ‘not worry about it,’ they would fix the rift and all would be fine. I assumed the ‘force’ left the Oneness.

Well, I know better than that. Something that big doesn’t end up being just fine. There had to be something else coming. And lo and behold, yesterday I was given the continuing story of The Rift in the Shift—The Shift of Soul Consciousness.

I was told that the ‘force’ wanted to stay in the Oneness. That it liked what it felt and that we would now absorb the impact of that. There is no duality anymore, so I hesitate saying that this force was ‘negative.’ Rather, I’d like to say that it was something that was previously unconscious for these souls and now was made conscious by entering the Oneness. This is our job as souls, to consciously know what our souls are here to do. And this is a big job. For those of us who are feeling still a little shaky, take care of yourself. That’s about all I can say. Rest…a lot. It’s important.

So what happened because of this rift in the shift? Prior to this moment, we, as souls, were the arrow in the bow…the rock in the slingshot. Never being let go. Only being pulled tighter and tighter waiting for release. Before, we could change the trajectory by moving the hand that held the bow or the slingshot. Not anymore, we have been released! We are now on a trajectory that cannot change, no matter what you do. There is nothing that you can do today, that will change where you are going in this lifetime. We have officially gone beyond what we’ve done in any other lifetime.

Now, this is good news! We are being catapulted. The arrow and the rock have been released. Hang on, the ride has begun.

This is a short video I made yesterday, when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Please share this. There is more to see in our new paradigm, more to release, more to feel. You don’t have to let go of it, just put it down. That feels a little easier to me.

How does this feel to you? Comment, like and share. It’s important to get the word out. The shift is continuing. You may wake up and feel different, or you may feel yourself in the process of feeling different. We are all One in this. Only LOVE. There isn’t any thing you can love more…you can only LOVE more things. There is no opposite of LOVE, only non-love. Be the LOVE that you came here to remember to BE!