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donna bio picIt’s happening! I am scheduling now for online Intuitive/Spiritual Development classes. These classes will be only 3-4 students so that I may give individual attention. They all will be recorded and you will receive an audio and video recording after each session.

Classes will include things like:

  • Meditations: Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Future Self, Past Lives, Power Symbol, Body Awareness, No Thought, Breath.
  • Spirit Guides
  • Automatic Writing
  • Intuition exercises
  • Interpreting Images
  • Hearing vs. Sensing
  • Embodiment vs. Speaking to spirit
  • Channeling
  • Physical Sensation
  • Using Your Own Experiences
  • Giving Messages/Readings

Here’s a short video explaining and you can also take a look at my website here.

Thanks for all the ‘shares,’ ‘likes,’ ‘follows,’ and ‘subscribes.’ Appreciate all!

Talk soon