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surrenderI can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up on a current passion or dream one night and the next day received a clear sign from Spirit to pick that dream back up again. Ever since I’ve become a medium, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs as to whether I should continue the role.

If you’ve been reading my blog and watching my videos on YouTube, you know there have been definite signs from Spirit telling me that YES, this is my path this lifetime.

I started having the urge to write many years ago. In fact, my blogs were the first things that got me excited about writing and sharing my stories. It started with health blogs, then morphed into personal stories and now I find myself writing more than a few books.

I was led to all of these current ‘books in progress’ by Spirit: thoughts upon waking, dreams where I saw a chapter of my novel play itself out, my messages from Spirit that I share with my clients, meditations and visualizations, and of course…past lives.

Just like moving forward as a medium and shaman, I’ve had my moments of doubt and giving up…surrender. I’ve always been shown by Spirit that that was not an option. Most recently, just the other night.

I had been feeling under the weather so I spent two days on the couch writing during the day and watching a Hallmark movie in the evening. The first two I watched were about authors. I told Spirit, I get the message…’Keep writing.’

Last night, I was making dinner and told Spirit I didn’t want a message tonight. I just wanted to watch a movie and not hear the lesson to ‘keep writing.’ I laughed to myself and turned on a Hallmark movie about a woman surgeon from Seattle who vacations at her family pear farm and meets a man. I thought, There’s no way there could be anything about ‘books’ or ‘writers’ in this movie. Thanks Spirit. I’ll watch this one and relax and enjoy it.

For the first half hour, the characters were calling her, Dr. Gilson. When she gets to her farm, the residents of the town call her by her first name, Luna. And there it was. Luna is the name of one of the lead characters of my YA novel. It’s not a common name and Spirit and I had a good laugh. Thanks Spirit, you just couldn’t let it go for one night, could you?

cheers!Confirmation that the book is meant to be written. I can ‘give up’ as many times as I want, but I’ll always go back to writing. It’s in me and I can’t get it out if I don’t write. I have no idea where all my books will take me. Right now, I write for the sole purpose of getting the story out of my head. That is my intention every morning, and every morning I surrender to that.

The future remains to be ‘scene.’ Don’t be afraid to surrender every once in a while and ask Spirit to show you the message. It will be there…somewhere…just keep your eyes and ears open.

How have you been shown by Spirit that you were on your soul path? Signs? Numbers? Coincidences? Synchronicity?

**UPDATE: It’s been a few days since I posted this blog. I realized something else…I don’t have to ask for a sign. If I’m meant to get a sign, it’s going to appear whether I ask for it or not. You don’t have to ask…you already know!

Last night’s movie was about an Ice Hotel. No part of me wanted any part of that coldness…however, I watched it. The lead female was a book editor…yup….another sign. The name of her publishing firm? Spirit Publishing! If I blinked, I would’ve missed the name. It only appeared once in the movie as she was walking into her office. 

Again, if the sign is coming to you, you don’t need to ask for it. Today I picked up the local small paper at the library. There were monthly horoscopes in it. This was mine:

“This may be a very positive time for you. If you are a writer or are involved in any intellectual work, ideas could flow and make it much easier to express your thoughts.”



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