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Dec 22 2018With the appearance of the Full Moon, Spirit has spoken.

2019 will be about moving into our Higher Purpose. 

It’s that time of year again…not for physical form (human) resolutions, but SOUL resolutions. Spirit sends me what the upcoming year will be about around this time every year. Last night, the message was received loud and clear.

Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, which comes from Latin resolvere, “to loosen, undo, settle, to decide firmly on a course of action.”

In every moment, we have the opportunity to resolve what we, as souls, came here to learn and do…in every moment. At times, you may decide on something in one moment, and in the next, something else. Life is about movement, change, and growth. Once again, in every moment.

If we judge ourselves for our decisions in any given moment, we are living in the past and not the present. And although I am a fan of past life work, the last moment is not your past life, it is your past moment. You move through the moments, not through time. Allow the movement to happen so that your Soul emerges into its truest form. This true form IS your Higher Purpose.

In no other lifetime, have we evolved to this point of our Higher Purpose. I have the knowing that all is right on schedule and in order. Receive the message that you sent to yourself right in this moment.

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Comment below and tell me about your new version of you. You are worthy. This is all for you!

Love is.





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