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Seeking that which you will find

I’m a medium. Yep, I communicate with souls in the non-physical world. (I also speak with the higher selves of those in the physical world.) I’ve spoken to many souls in my years doing this work, that crossed over from suicide. It’s my job to see ‘where’ they are and what I can do to help them. Sometimes it’s helping them find a Spirit Guide, or sending in one of my guides to help them, or just turning them around so that they can see what is now in front of them. Not all souls that took their own life are struggling in the world of Spirit. Every one is different and every soul has a different need.  I wanted to share the last two souls that came through during a reading with their loved ones.

First let me say, I ask everyone I speak with if I have their permission to share any part of their reading if it could help others. Everyone is more than willing.

During a reading, my physical body may take on the symptoms of the soul I am bringing through. For this first one, I was feeling a neck ache during the first half of the reading and I was not able to confirm why based on my client’s answers. Meaning, no one we were talking about, in the physical or non-physical world, had any headaches or neck pain. Spirit won’t let it go until I get through to my client.

My client eventually gave me the name of someone in the non-physical world he wanted to check in on. I immediately got the neck pain again and he confirmed that this person did take his life by hanging himself. I was feeling that this soul never experienced unconditional love in the physical world and that he was continually searching for it. My client agreed.

After telling my client that his friend was okay, I instructed this soul to turn around and see everything that he wasn’t seeing in the world of non-physical. Sometimes, when the crossing is recent, the soul doesn’t understand that there is more and is seeking the help of the physical world by looking there. When I see this, I show them there is more to the non-physical world and confirm for them that they can still speak to their loved ones on the physical plane even if they ascend toward ‘the light.’

As soon as I told this soul that, he went out and found the Puppy Room in Spirit world. I have never seen this room before! I’ve seen the bakery, the library, and many other ‘rooms’ in Spirit, but not a puppy room. I was very excited also as I saw him interact with so many puppies.

He was receiving unconditional love, finally. And the greatest thing about the puppies in the puppy room? They never grow up! They stay puppies forever! It was a wonderful image and I was very happy to see yet another ‘room’ in the world of Spirit where souls can go to receive what they didn’t receive in the physical world.

My next client gave me the name of her aunt that she wanted to speak with. After the name was said, I immediately get an image of a woman stuffing down what I thought was food (it’s my job to interpret the image in my head based on what I see and what I sense). I said to my client, “This woman is stuffing down all her emotions with food.”

My client said she recently committed suicide. I mentioned there was a lot of emotion and a lot of shoving down. I asked, “Was she denying feelings? Was she hiding behind something? Did she use food as a crutch her whole life?” My client said, “No, the opposite. The absence of food.”

That made sense to me. She was now presenting as a soul that was using food to fill the hole in her. I said to my client, based on what this soul was speaking telepathically to me, she was so consumed with thoughts in the physical world that it was difficult for her to express herself. My client agreed. I said she was fine now, but wanted to speak. I told this soul she could, that I was listening, and she put her hands down and stopped eating.

This soul was sitting close to me which says to me she understands what I am doing in that moment. I had a headache and asked if that had anything to do with her passing and my client said she her aunt had hung herself. I told this soul that I loved her and that it was okay to now receive that love.

She was very loving herself. She had so much empty space for me to fill with love. Because she stopped eating, she didn’t have anything to fill it with while she was in the physical world. Now that I had her attention in the non-physical world, I was able to give her more and more love and she accepted that.

I also felt she didn’t talk to anyone in the physical world and that it got worse over the last two years. My client agreed. This soul kept taking more and more love from me, but it was actually from the continuous supply of love from Source/The Universe, that was moving through me.

I knew it was a recent passing because she was so close to me in the image in my head. My client said. “Yes. It was in July of this year.

I told this soul there is more and more love as she ascends into the world of Spirit. She was very open to receive this. And I told my client, she made the choice and now she is finding out what she needs and it is something she never knew before; this unconditional love…this feeling of being full of love. She was enjoying the love. She couldn’t get enough of the love I was sending. She kept sucking in more and more love from me and I told her that was okay.

I told my client to continue sending love to her aunt. We can always send love through the ethers, through the realms of Spirit. Souls in the non-physical world can still receive and feel love.