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I love when clients ask questions. This excerpt is from a conversation with Spirit and a client via FB messenger. The fun continues!


IMG_0551N: How do we know which path our soul wants us to take?

Spirit: You let go of what is past, number one. You tune in. To be honest, everything you choose is the path. Be open to anything on that path…even a sudden fork that causes a turn in another direction. It’s all good. Eventually your soul needs no choice. There is only One.

Again, to be honest…you ‘get it’ when it’s time to get it. Haha. The real work is staying tuned into you and the present moment.

N: Present Moment Awareness. Will work on that and thank you! Something big I have been telling my friends, [is] to let ourselves feel our feelings without trying to numb them. Is that a good way to stay present? Asking yourself, “What am I feeling right now”?

Spirit: Yea! Bring it into the physical body. How is this feeling affecting my body? Then deal with the emotion. Especially when it’s tough to get rid of emotions around anything.

N: Goes straight to my stomach! I always feel stress there. That’s good to know, to feel how it’s affecting the body. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am truly feeling so by starting there it may be easier to figure out.

Spirit: Notice it immediately. Don’t go into the feeling, only the physical sensation of it. And if it’s in the belly, breathe deep inhales and exhales. Focus only on the physical. Once you accept the physical that will bring the true emotion out.