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Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks

This message was channeled two years ago. Dreams are very important for the ‘shift’ in soul consciousness. Things that cannot change in your physical and emotional body during the day, can be done through your dreams. The trick is to allow that to happen.

Donna speaks to Jerry Hicks about Recent Dreams 

Donna: As I woke up I noticed the multi-level, the multi-layers of my dreams the last few night. Some of the old players came back. No new players, just all old players. People I’ve forgotten. People I’m trying to forget. People I think I’ve let go of. People I’m obviously still letting go of. I can’t explain what the dreams meant. As I woke up I went through them again in my head. Not just the pictures of them, but the feelings. What was I feeling as I was in the dream?

It felt like I was in the dream. The me who is talking with you right now was actually in the dream, not just a fragment of me. And when I woke up, I asked for some clarity on that and Jerry said,

Jerry: I’m the closest to those dreams. I’ll answer for you.

You are correct, Donna, they are about the multi-layers of your personality, of who you were when you were in those relationships. Pieces of you you had no idea existed during those time and now we use your dreams to go deeper into those layers, deeper into those thoughts, thoughts that you did not even think you had during those times. And now during these dreams we bring you more present (laughing) during those times.

Donna: I’m getting it now. When I actually lived my moments with these people—these players—I wasn’t present. I wasn’t living as me. I was living as this piece, but it wasn’t me. Explain that more.

Jerry: That’s it. You were living a piece of you, not your entire existence. You were just a piece. How can you respond, play out a scene, if it’s not the full you? If you haven’ reached down? If you haven’t touched the depths of who you truly are? How can you be anything but who you are in that moment as a piece of you? (slower speech) I know, sometimes these channelings are difficult because Donna is attempting to figure it out as I speak. And not just letting my words flow.

Donna: Laughing… I apologize Jerry. That is exactly what I was doing. Okay, I’ll let go a little bit more.

Jerry: So here you are in these dreams and do you notice how you don’t really do anything in the dream? You don’t move, but everyone around you moves?

Donna: Yes, I do notice that.

Jerry: So in your dreams you hang out and you feel and you watch everything that’s going on as who you are now, that’s why you feel more connected in these dreams and not who you were back then. Because now we are processing these moments…and I know, I know, I know, they look like nothing to you – these dreams—but they are everything. They are made up scenes so that you can feel differently now, about the scenes. You can process what’s happening in the scenes as who you truly are now and not as you were back then.

Donna: Phew. Deep breath on that one. My question then is…Is that why it’s more emotional now? Emotional on a deeper level? Because that person is no longer here and all I’m left with is the emotion of it.

Jerry: Yep. That’s it. What you are going to do now with these emotions? What are you going to do with them?

Donna: I’m hoping that they are being played out in the dream and the process now is to be present with them as I go through the day today. Because the sadness is so freakin’ deep.

Jerry: It is. It goes back to our time, Donna. Not just the time with them in this lifetime.

Donna: Crap

Jerry: I’m with you. I will help you. Acknowledge me. And that the dreams are deep. The dreams are deep because you are allowing them to be. That is why they are so deep. And they could be about him? For a lot of people they could be about the actual person or they could be about the feeling that person brought up in this lifetime. Now we are going to go back further with you. Let us take you there to get through the feelings.