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img_0367This morning’s message comes from the entity Abraham. During my morning meditation, Abraham began to tap into my thoughts of grief. He (for I speak to the first entity in this group), began to send me new thoughts of myself as Soul.

Today being the only day to experience this new present moment.

Abraham:  What you say and do in this present moment has ties to the past. Recognizing those ties is how you begin to discern how to change the present

Are you reacting to something you’ve experienced in the past? Or is this moment presenting itself as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow past the past?

Growing past your past experience. Use this time today to grow beyond what you’ve experienced before…in the past. Move into new ways of receiving the information your soul is sending you.

Your soul is you and you are integrating new ways of existence.

Holding onto your past feelings and responses is exactly that…holding. Holding is not letting go. Let go of all past judgements of yourself, for you are the one who judges and you are the one being judged.

The soul who you truly are is never judge or jury or accused.

Your soul is you.

Merge with it.

Feel into it.

Be with it like you’ve never been before.

A piece of you remains hidden and cannot access soul. Open to a new present moment, one you’ve never experienced before. This is the new version of the present moment. This is the way you receive present moment status.

Present moment vibration.

This is a new vibration.

This is a new way of being as your soul, not with your soul.

You are soul.