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AbeThis channeled message from the very wise soul who was Abraham Lincoln, came through in 2014, but the message is timeless.

Separateness In Your Physical Body

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.”

Abraham Lincoln, (circa Lincoln’s presidency)

Donna:  There’s so much talk lately about being ‘One’. This morning I awoke with a feeling of separateness within my own body. Never mind separate from other beings, I felt separate from myself!

It’s hard to feel like I have it ‘together’ when my neck hurts; my back–for years–has been challenging to say the least; and I am screaming out for companionship. I realized last night, once again: my lesson for this lifetime is to accept the fact that, right now, I’m doing it myself. So stop waiting Donna, for something or someone else to make it easier.

This morning I heard the word “separateness” and I asked spirit what this means within me.

Mr. Lincoln, since he was with me so much yesterday, was the first to chime in. I struggled with allowing this. I wanted time to myself to just do my yoga practice. What a concept. Here I am struggling with being alone, but yet all I wanted to do was be alone (someone stop this madness)! So I compromised. I did some partner yoga with Abe. Surprisingly, he’s very flexible!

Mr. Lincoln:  Oh dear Donna, how well I know what you are talking about. Let me sit near you this morning so you – we – may both feel some togetherness. I lived with feeling alone. Surrounded by many, I was alone–alone with my thoughts, alone with my feelings. I never felt I could share my true feelings. No one understood, or should I say no one could respond with any comforting words. No one had that ability. I didn’t even have that ability for myself. I judged me. I judged all those feelings and at the same time wanted all of them to stop. I knew they were a part of me and I blamed that part of me for all my aloneness–my separateness–not just from others, but in me. There were even times when I heard myself say to me, “Who are you?” Parts of me were this and parts of me were that.

So I stayed with all of that. Kept it hidden. Which kept me at a distance from all, even myself. Oh I feel it now. My poetry was a way of sharing. But that was scary too. They talked about me more. They used that as a form of separation from me.

How can I explain better? When people read my poetry, they put me in a box. Those walls then separated us. Instead of bringing us closer together with words, those words separated us. Now you can imagine what happened after that. I lost a form of, an outlet, for myself. Why share if no one heard my words?

Donna:  I’m so sorry. I understand that. Your way of expression was not taken for what it was. You were expressing how you were feeling. So many misunderstood artists. So creative, but yet so blamed for their art as an expression. So what happened next?

Abe:  Well, you know what happened. My separateness grew until I only heard my own words in my head. It was harder and harder for me to get it together. I would, but I knew there was something big coming. I knew this was not the time for me. This life. I did what I came here to do and I accepted my fate.

Could you imagine if I had told others that? I tried. They just wanted to protect me. And I knew there was no protection wide enough to stop what was coming. Can you see why Jerry and I became such good friends?

Donna:  Absolutely I do. I was smiling when you were talking about that time. I love you guys.

Abe:  (Big smile). So we understand each other. This is a way to oneness. Understanding what the other is going through and not attempting to fix it. You’ve heard that before. How can someone understand you if they don’t understand themselves yet? Their feelings of separateness are more vast than yours. You can see the view of all these forms of you. You can acknowledge them. Others are still looking for the pieces of themselves that are buried deep within the layers. This is different from the masks. Feelings of separation in your own body come thru as emotions, physical sensations and complaints about all of those. When you have a mask on, none of those feelings even exist.

Donna:  I get that. I see that and I feel that.

Abe:  Yes, so many feelings went into that statement from you — understanding, seeing, and feeling. All at the same time.

Donna: It hurts, physically and emotionally.

Abe: Yes it does. I understand that. And I feel that and I see that in you. Can you accept my understanding?

Donna: Yes I can. And I feel closer to you now.

Abe:  Exactly. That’s the idea. When someone understands and feels with you, you will be closer to oneness with them. So much work to still do. But there is hope among the masses. Hope. Much to sacrifice to get to the point of oneness. I work with many. I give hope and I offer faith–the faith I have in them.

Donna:  I’m sure there are many here who appreciate your feelings for them. Appreciate and love what you offer them, unconditionally.

Abe:  Yep! Unconditionally. I love and I feel for you. I do know this will help you. Just as it will help others when you share it. Cheers to another great conversation!

Donna:  Thank you for everything!


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From the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY