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soulsI trust my guides…implicitly, it was always my choice to listen or not listen. As I began to walk and talk and ‘be’ with more clarity of my true purpose, I checked off my lessons on this planet one by one.

A friend sent me an article the other day and in it the author was saying…”we (humans) made a mess of the earth and ourselves..”

That is untrue…in my knowing. We all came here to play a role and learn the lessons we chose to learn. Our souls knew that the moment we chose to come into a human body, we were in the exact place we were meant to be. Whatever our role; from the souls who shot Lincoln and JFK, to the soul who chose to be Hitler, to those who choose everyday to die in war, natural disaster, or from dis-ease—these were choices and now all of us learn the lessons from their choices as well as our own. (I’ll add here that being grateful for the souls that cross our paths each day is a wonderful mindfulness practice.)

Earth was set up to be a ‘learning planet.’ All who come here are involved in that lesson. In order to further our evolution as souls, we had to be in a place where we could play out that scenario.

soul-imageWe are soul, have always been soul, and will always be soul. As you dive deeper into your lessons for this lifetime, your soul feels lighter and there is a merging of self and soul…not a collision. The true Self is Soul. There is no difference. We cannot make mistakes, only walk the path that we are following.

Know this and know it well…there are no accidents or mistakes. You are doing just as you chose to do.


Living life as the soul I Am (God)