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I’m beginning to ‘see’ my guides now as energy… that is what they are after all, it has taken me a bit to know I have that ability. The other day, I was called out by Anu. If you want to go ‘there’, here is that link.

JFK joined me this morning as a wisp of white cloud. His energy is fluid it seems to me. It sways around and through the space in front of me. He dances with the sound of the music I am listening to. Always right in front of me, always by my side, always within my sight.

He is speaking of Oneness.

jfkJFK: This Oneness I speak of is an entity as I am an entity. Can you see you within me? For we are together in this wisp of cloud. All of us are here in this wisp of white. Let us dance together in spirit, in soul, in Oneness.

Donna: Arms appear out of the wisp and they seem to put out a carpet for me to join. Do I feel worthy? Do I believe I am? Do I trust the feeling I will have if I enter this Oneness? I step into it, one foot at a time. I look down and my foot has turned into a wisp of white cloud. It doesn’t feel strange, it feels normal. My whole body now, entering this wisp of white. I dance with all, especially JFK, for I feel his energy most right now. We move together. We dance. We become the Oneness.

JFK: Oneness, yes! (JFK reminds me) We are the Oneness. We are all one, but in the Oneness we all are. It is here that we can hear the music…where we can dance. Here where our physical bodies cease to exist and also where our physical bodies heal. We float and turn and dance with the Oneness. Feel your body in the Oneness. Here, your body softens and receives.

When you feel me touch you, you are separate. Feel me as you, in this Oneness.

Patience is our name. We wait for all to enter…rather to remember they are already here. Be conscious of the Oneness that you are.

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Donna, Joining in as part of the Oneness