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The idea for this blog came to me after I watched the movie, Contact—for the 3rd or 4th time—the other day. Jodie Foster’s character makes ‘contact’ with her own version of Source at the end of the movie. I was telling my cousin about my ‘first contact’ during the movie and then we watched the final moments where she is in the courtroom explaining her moment(s). Here’s the clip:

I realized, at that moment, that this is exactly how I felt…and feel…about my own first contact.

Contact, in this context, does not mean seeing spirit here in 3-D; it is when your soul moves into the outer realms of this 3-D world and connects with Source, either through your own doing in meditation, or when Spirit does it for you.



For me, it happened about 10 years ago (before I began to ‘see’ Spirit). I was teaching a yoga class in my studio. At the end of the class, I typically lead a short closing meditation. As we sat on our cushions, I closed my eyes with the class and began to speak. I was immediately taken out of the room—and my body—into the vastness of space. It took a split second and I was there, seeing stars…literally. I floated and observed the wonder and beauty of this place for what seemed like hours. I had no intention of leaving. It felt real and the stars were speaking to me. I had no thoughts of 3-D emotions or worries, the only thing I felt was an overwhelming love. I could really relax in this place and that felt the best. So I just hung out there…again, literally.

Without any help from me, I landed back on my cushion with a thud (it seemed). I opened my eyes with panic and looked around at my students. They all had their eyes closed. I apologized to them and asked, “How long was I out for?” They said to me, “We don’t know what you are talking about. You just had us close our eyes.”

Only a fraction of a second had passed in 3-D time. (This proved to me there really is no such thing as ‘time.’) I held that experience with me until I was able to experience it again, this time with my help and knowing. I now know there IS something more than us in this thing we call the Universe. I am no longer afraid of it…or dying. I experienced my soul, free and floating among the stars. I later realized they weren’t stars, but that’s another story.

It is my prayer that all of you experience your own first ‘Contact.’ To quote Jodie Foster from the movie Contact,

“The most important thing is we all keep searching for our own answers.”

Don’t follow me. Find the path you set out for your soul to find, and follow it.

Share your stories of your first Contact in the comments. I love to hear them!

If this blog helped you understand a little more, share this post. It gives everyone an idea of what to be aware of.


Flying through the dimensions.