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jfk-answering-quesitonsBefore I get into what was said, I have to share a little background. Many of the things I speak about with my guides in Spirit world, are an ongoing conversation. The topics are always ‘personal and spiritual growth’ in nature. What I love the most, is they eventually complete the circle for me. A vision of mine that may have started years ago, will come to fruition at some point. (Patience is my biggest message this lifetime.) This is what I am seeing with JFK. He’s stepping in at just the time when we need to know this.

the-holodeckFor many years I’ve seen in my meditations the hologram we’ve put ourselves in for this lifetime. The lesson is not how to get out of it, but how to make it disappear. For if we merely step out of it, it’s still there for us to go back into when/if things get challenging again. This time—this lifetime—there is no going back. But what comes next? Where will we be and what will we see after it’s gone?

From what I know and what I’ve seen during readings and in visions, we all have our own box or hologram room. (Yes, it’s just like the one you see on Star Trek.) What we see is all a perception of what we are allowing ourselves to see. We are the one in the control booth and the one viewing and playing out the scene. Most of us have not even given it a thought that there could be anything else beyond this hologram…until recently. If we are going to change anything, it’s going to have to be done in this box. There’s no getting out of the ‘box.’

We sit on the couch here in our box and keep changing the channel looking for something else to watch—some other version of ourselves. What’s holding us on the couch? Fear could be a big reason. For others, they could not even know there is an option to leave this room.

hologram-disappearingThere is a way out of the matrix (what some like to call it). JFK’s arrival last week took me out of my usual thinking. I don’t know what it is about him that caused this new communication with me. He must be the one in charge of Matrix Discussions. If he’s ready, I am ready too.

If you haven’t read my first conversation with him, you can find it here.

Here’s what went down during our second conversation:

Donna: JFK this morning, comes in and I see him saying, “Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock” I say, But there is no time. Why are you ticking a clock?

JFK: There is no time, but yet time, is slipping away. Your moments slip when you do not recognize what is in them. When you do not call yourself to the present moment. The present moment slips away with each tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Each click is a call to the present moment. Each click of your clock is a call to the present moment. That’s how quickly the present moment disappears. The click of the clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock

Donna: So, in that quick moment, of the tick and then it’s gone, what do we do?

JFK: This is where the silence comes in. This is where the meditation comes in. Even within one breath there are many tick-tock, tick-tocks. Even within one breath, there are many present moments.

Donna: Oh, that’s huge. So, to think, what I thought before, that one full breath is a present moment, what you are saying is, there are many present moments inside what I might think is my present moment.

JFK: Yep. Crazy, huh?

Donna: All right. So we all need to know more now. What? Wh… I don’t know. I don’t get it.

JFK: Well, if there is no time in that tick of your clock, there’s thousands of years, hundreds, thousands of moments, in that one tick. Acknowledge it first. Acknowledge there is more than what you perceive as your time. Remember when you sat on that cushion Donna, and that one tick of your clock—in that one tick of your clock—there were thousands of moments. (He’s talking here about over 15 years ago, when I was taken out of my body for hours and only one second has passed in real time)

Connect with the realm where there are thousands of moments in one tick of the clock. Know that you have more and more available to you than you think. So now, when you take an inhale, notice how long the inhale is. Notice not from your physical 3-D world, notice it from my space. Call me in and I will show you how long an inhale really can be. The length of what you perceive as forever, for there is no time. There is no time. Time doesn’t fly. You can fly. You can come here. You can feel this vastness of space. It’s right there. Slow down. It’s right there.

Donna: *Breath. Inside one inhale are a thousand moments. Inside one exhale are a thousand more moments.

JFK: Oh the power of a moment.

Donna: You just sent me even deeper down a rabbit hole. I’ve always viewed there is no time. I get there is no time. I also get now that what I perceive as time is ticking away faster…slower, than I think?? I don’t know. I’m going to have to sit with this one. But in my head now, I see space in its infinite. I see there is so much in this space that I’m sitting in right now. It’s empty right now. What does that mean? JFK? The space I see right now is just this huge room of nothingness.

JFK: You’ve found it. You’ve made your way to…this. You’ve emptied the old patterns of your box, your matrix. You’ve emptied the old. Now you stand here. What is around you?

Donna: Nothing but space. But I still see some walls, way off in the distance.

JFK: Sure, you’re going to get there. There will be a few more walls. But as you fill that space—remember love is going to fill it—as you fill that space with love, it extends and extends and extends. And don’t worry, love will break down those walls. You, as a physical, don’t need to play with that. Your soul now has the room to expand. Here it is, Donna. Expand, expand, expand. Look at the space!

Donna: So much space! I love it. I love it! Are all my guides still here in this space?

JFK: We are here more than ever. Because we are the space. You’ve reached us. When you reach this space you’ve reached where we all are, and in this space, now we become One. Even more than what you thought, yes. In this space, it’s not nothingness, it’s creation. It’s where we are going to create. We will help you if you ask.

Donna: Totally asking. Help me to create love. Love for me and love for my body; love for all around me. Trees, grass, ocean, sand, and all the souls now that will be here, that will come now that I’ve opened space. I feel like I could skate here. It’s huge…I can’t even call it a color. There is no color for it.

JFK: Love can be any color. You can paint anything in here.

Donna: You’re still saying ‘in here.’ I still feel like it’s a big box.

JFK: Sure, because that’s your view, that’s your perception. And what do we know about perception?

Donna: I can heal it. I heal my perception right now of what I see. I heal my perception of this box, of this emptiness, of that I think there is a wall. I heal my perception.

I see it now. I already see the walls breaking down to reveal a heck of a lot more space.

JFK: It’s so simple right? So simple. Thank you for your work in getting so many here. Thank you. I am honored to be speaking through you.

Donna: I am honored also.

JFK: Skate Donna, skate.

Donna: It’s beautiful here.

Good luck, my readers. I’ve had to read this a few times and recall my vision. I can’t express enough how instrumental visualizing something can be. Let me know if you have questions.

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It is my pleasure to be of service,


Interdimensional has become my new reality.