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Hello my fellow travelers in the realm of Unity Consciousness!

These last few weeks leading up to the end of 2016, have been intense. There’s been more letting go, more vivid dreams, and a lot more anxiety along with those. It doesn’t last, but when it’s here, it feels like we’ll never find the end of that tunnel.

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend via FB messenger. Writing is always so different than speaking. It seems more comes out that way. I began to express another layer of ‘letting go’ of something. I cried for 3 seconds and then I went on a 16 mile bike ride. It was almost like the bike ride was a celebration of my soul releasing! It felt good and I would’ve never thought I’d be able to ride for that long.

What’s interesting about these days of releasing, is that everything goes so much faster. The intensity is definitely higher and I feel the vibration of this letting go for days prior to the actually tears. It’s all the stuff prior to the ‘letting go’ that’s the hardest I think; the crazy dreams, the sadness and grief, and the anxiety!

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix the last couple of days, “The Pyramid Code.” It’s worth checking out. Only one season, but they said a lot in those episodes. I recognized much of what I know in what they were saying. We have the ability to raise our consciousness, however, it was somehow forgotten, along with many of our soul purposes here at this time.

This morning I was on my yoga mat and realizing all of these thoughts I just expressed to you. Anu came to me as soon as I started expressing the opening created by ‘letting go.’

These were his words:

“Letting go of these things that you have been letting go of, is leaving space. It’s not creating anything new, it’s leaving space for new things to enter. And these new things are a different way to love. Remember, you did not begin with that word love—knowing what that word love means.

These new ‘letting go’s’ that you are feeling…that all of you are feeling…as if [you say] ‘I thought I let go of that before, but here it comes again.’ That’s okay. That’s another layer, another layer, and then another layer. Again, leaving space for new forms of love to enter your physical body. Your soul already knows how to love. It’s coming from your soul. Your soul already knows how to love. Let the soul—let your soul—fill you with love.”

Thinking of our ‘group soul’ today and wishing us the peace to allow the ‘letting go.’


Living in many dimensions all at the same time!