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We are ready because this is the way we planned it to happen. Too many of us have resisted ‘jumping off the cliff’ in the past. Now, this is the way it has to go down. Our Mother, the Earth, has already made a huge shift and it continues. We, as souls on her, have not done enough of the work to support her shifting. There are a small percentage of us who have, but that is not enough. And come to find out, this small percentage may have actually been holding the rest of us back. I consider myself in that small percentage. The fear of jumping no longer exists. We have jumped.

If you live in the US and are reading this (well even if you don’t), you know there is tremendous upheaval right now. Now I will explain my experience and how I’ve come to my conclusion from a place of knowing and listening to Spirit.

Let’s go back to before last week. Over a month ago, after a conversation with a friend, I realized that the only way for our planet to evolve, was for Trump to become President. I was punched in the stomach, and received a huge shift in my perspective, all at the same time. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was very clear to me in that exact moment, that it was going to happen.

There were a few people in my circle that asked me what my Guides thought about the election? All I could say was, “It’s not about who wins—it’s about our emotions…our feelings right now.”

Anu.jpegIf you know a little about me, you know I also am in contact with Anu, the Creator God of the Annunaki. It’s been a 3 year journey with him (more here, if interested.) I’ve had to really process what he was communicating to me. Most times I didn’t get my answer until long after I got the message.

I had been in contact with someone online who has a big presence regarding such things, and she was asking me the same questions about the election. I wasn’t giving her the answers she wanted, only my impressions based on what Anu was saying. During my emails to this person, Anu came through to me. Here is what I said in an email to this person,

“I’m humbled by his presence and feel nothing but love and respect from him. He bows to us for what we’ve had to go through. Like he’s, in a way, sorry or embarrassed, but still, he says, ‘We must go through this first before we are to gain access to the reality of every moment.’  He moves in and out of feeling respect and then being sort of firm with us/me.”

I didn’t have a clue what that meant. I only felt his feelings around it. However, I’d been processing this whole “feelings” thing for a while now (There’s more in my other blog. Are we, as souls, NOT feeling? Or feeling too much? Or, are there no such things as feelings…only love.)

During the month prior to the election, I was holding space for whatever was meant to happen. On election day, I shivered as the early results were coming in. It was really happening. I had been feeling the weight of it all day, and yet still did not want to believe it. In fact, to be honest, I almost voted for him. That was how powerful the feeling was that it was going to happen. But then I realized, no matter what I did, it would happen the way we planned.

On election night, as I drove to my meditation circle, I listened to the radio, still not knowing the final result. The comments were beautiful in a different way and my body began to experience grief..not just my own. The tears started and my Spirit Guides gathered around me in the car and said, “We have everything under control.” At that moment, I let go of my own control; it was what I needed to do. As I did that, my body shifted and I refocused. Now I was coming from a place of total acceptance and I was not being ruled by my emotions, only love. 

I now understand what Anu was saying. “We must go through this first…,” has to do with the upheaval we are now experiencing. The ’emotion’ piece is HUGE! I had been feeling—for most of the last 20 years—like I’m not only ‘holding space for others,’ but stopping everyone from jumping off a cliff. That some of us, as Lightworkers, thought that was our job; to hold other souls at the edge of the cliff.(I could say a lot more about this, but it can wait) We were confused. The cliff was a safe place to be. Jumping is the only way to go now!

I realized the other day, it was time for everyone to jump, and this is what is happening right now. We need to support others in their leap. Let them do what they need to do. Fear was a big factor in holding our souls stuck in 3-D. If rising above 3-D means letting go of duality, then there is no such thing as fear…only love. This comment is not meant to replace ‘fear’ with love (which is what we’ve always been doing), it’s meant to say that there is only LOVE. No duality, remember?(again, my other blog goes deeper into this)

AbeMr. Lincoln is also one of my Spirit Guides. He spoke to me that election evening also. Here is a snippet of his words:

Abe: “There’s been a deep level of sadness, that I’ve not wanted any of you to feel…any of you; not just here in this room, but all over. I’ve held back from Donna for as long as I could. And it started to come to her being almost a month ago. And today is the day when the weight weighs heavy on many of you. It is more important now than ever to be present— to be in the present moment with all your feelings. I can’t express enough how important it is to have your feelings come through and not those of others.

…We have our own personal upheaval which allows us to shift. As a planet it wasn’t enough.”

As a planet, our own personal shifting was not enough…this had to happen in order to keep up with the planet shifting. Too many of us were holding ourselves back from ‘the cliff.’ We all needed to jump and realize the fallout from that.

Yesterday was 11:11. A portal opened, and we must receive as well as go through. Some of us will jump through this portal and receive all we are meant to. Others will stand at the precipice. Those of us who are Lightworkers, etc., can no longer stop our own shifts from happening. Move through with greater awareness. If you are reading this, you are meant to move beyond your own boundaries right now. Move beyond every other lifetime. This is an area you have never touched before. It will feel different, because only feeling love, is something we’ve never done…in any lifetime.

Morning has broken like a new day. Yes, a new day has come. I continue to hold love around the planet and all who are feeling their shift not as love, but as something else. Soon we will all experience love the way we were meant to feel it.

Thoughts? Experiences? Share this post please!

Donna, Traveling through the dimensions to bring clarity.