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I’m reposting this blog because I had another one the other night. I’ve had a few since first posting this. There was one where I saw the image of a man’s face many times over the course of what seemed like years, in my dream. The other morning, I had one and could feel it coming on. I immediately fell into a deep sleep for a few moments.

The few days before this one, I was struggling with old feelings of unworthiness. The morning I awoke from this particular ‘flash dream,’ I felt renewed! All was right with my world and I was processing the thoughts I’d been having recently about the origin of ‘feelings’ for the human race.

If you are interested in a conversation with me about what I’ve discovered, email me. DBoyleMedium@gmail.com I have another blog where I go into the beginning of our time as a human race with ‘feelings.’

Life has certainly taken some pretty amazing turns for this soul. How about you?

Thanks for reading!


Interdimensional traveling for the evolution of souls

Past Life Goals

Flash Dreaming (definition by Donna): a state of dreaming where pictures and images flash across your vision. Your eyes are closed during this state and you are in a half awake/half asleep state. Typically happens in the early morning hours although I’ve had them throughout the night, and you are able to sense your eyes moving very fast behind your lids.

I coined this phrase. I have no idea what these types of dreams are. I have been having these sort of dreams for about 2 years. Most of the time I cannot interpret or recognize anything that I am seeing. I only feel myself in this non-sleep and non-awake state and I can feel my eyes moving very fast as the images flash by. I’ve assumed that these states where a journey that spirit was taking me on. They were meant for rapid shifts in my consciousness and all I knew…

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