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20160904_152517.jpgI had a fabulous dream early this morning. I’ve written before that early morning dreams are some of the best for accessing a deeper understanding of where we are. During this dream, I was in total frustration and tears. Yep, I consider that a ‘good’ thing!

I was on an elevator trying to get to the second floor. The building was only three floors, but, no matter which elevator I entered, there was never a button for the second floor. I found myself riding up and down many times and getting more and more flustered each time the door opened and it wasn’t my floor. All the way to the third and then down to the first. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any other access to this elusive second floor.

I got off at each floor and searched for the stairs or a different elevator. I asked others, “How do you get to the second floor?” Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. If there is a first and third floor, there must be a second!, I screamed to myself.

Finally, I found some sort of machine and there was a box inside with directions to the second floor. I tore it open and it had some sort of key to insert into the elevator panel. Finally, I said, my key! I entered the elevator one last time and inserted the key and woke up.

I know, you are probably asking, What the heck was on the second floor? Weren’t you curious?  

I really wasn’t. I thought about what the whole dream represented and how I felt when I woke up.

  1. My frustration with not being able to get where I wanted to go.
  2. No one’s ability to answer my question.
  3. Not being happy with the first or third floor. In fact, I was very upset with the seemingly random pattern of the building itself. Why weren’t things more clear?
  4. My anger at not being able to find another access to the second floor.
  5. I never once looked around the first or third floor to see what was there.
  6. No one was paying any attention to me or the fact that I was so upset.
  7. I felt so alone in my quest. There HAD to be others who wanted to get to the second floor?!?

So here I sit, thinking about this dream for at least an hour. Last night was the full moon and lunar eclipse; a time of letting go and moving on. It seems, for a very long time in my  life, I’ve been looking at the end result: How can I get what I really want? When will it happen? My own inability to be in the present moment, has hindered my own growth. Oh sure, I’m there most of the time, we all are; but when we struggle with not being where we want to be, we take ourselves out of present moment awareness.

And that’s exactly what this dream represented. My need to find the second floor (the answer, the end result), stopped me from looking at the other floors (the present moment) where I actually was. I went up and down (ascending and grounding), but never experienced a stable moment(the middle ground) in this search for the second floor. I thought, I have to find the second floor. That is where the answer is. Whatever is there is what I’ve been searching for! 

The answer is, there is no answer. There is order to our lives. The final result is not known by us. We can imagine and dream, but we won’t know until we actually get there. The time we spend getting ‘there’ is the journey…the lesson. We’ve had to learn this lesson over and over because we are continually growing and learning new things and the old patterns are constantly being let go.

Take the time to enjoy and learn from where you are. There is no emergency exit, no secret stairway, only the floor you are on. Continually moving up and down, away from the middle, can only appear to you as if you are getting somewhere; actually, you are only jumping out of the present. Why? Because most of the time the present moment is painful. There are lessons to learn and there are challenges to conquer in the present.

Be here now. Let’s be here now together—together in the Oneness.

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Interdimensional Traveler