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I recently drove across the country…yes, again. A little anxious the week or so prior; traveling by myself. In fact, it may sound strange, but I planned my route and booked my hotel rooms just two days before I left. I guess I was really trusting Spirit had this one for me.

I picked towns that were about the distance I wanted to travel each day. But honestly? They were totally random. I knew I wanted to drive through Montana and that was all.

Here are some photos I took and the signs from Spirit…and Mr. Lincoln…that I received.

Room 111

This was my room number for the first night. A sure sign I was on my path of least resistance. Going with the flow! And the following were all towns and areas I drove through. Mr. Lincoln, one of my most vocal spirit guides, was with me all the way! These signs were all in different areas and different stops.

Lincoln townAbe Lincoln Rd:MontanaLincoln first night

Good to know spirit can always be around. All we have to do is open our eyes and stop and look at the signs.

At the moment, I am in the Los Angeles area. I’ll be at the New Earth Expo on Sunday, channeling written messages from spirit and also guiding a meditation in the group room at 10:30. Anyone in the Manhattan Beach, CA area? I could use a helper at my booth!

Sending love from all the corners of our vast Universe. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!