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Donna DrummingHow many times can one person hear, “Change yourself and change the world.” The following is my interpretation of this after going through a huge shift this past week.

I preached it and I walked it…the phrase, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I find myself still wondering about the rest of the world though. In dreams for the last 10 years, I’ve seen myself teaching in front of very large crowds. As time moves on, I’m beginning to think that neither of these scenarios is very realistic. However, if you know everything  is energy and vibration and there is no such thing as time, the rest of this is going to make sense to you.

I was teaching a wonderful class at Vibrant Health last week. The guests were really getting into the energy exchange we all were experiencing. ‘A Ha’ moments were happening left and right. I was taking some of my teachings to another level and everyone was feeling it (I’ll blog or YouTube about more of this shortly). This was a very different day for all of us. When we finished everyone took a deep breath and you could not only feel the energy in the room, you could see it moving out of the building! Now that was real change!

I looked at them and exclaimed, “Girls, we just helped thousands of other souls evolve!” When our vibration changes, it goes out into the ethers and that shift will allow many others to experience their own shift of consciousness. For some, the change that they’ve been working towards will happen in a heartbeat. For others they will wake up from their ‘sleep’ and not even realize what happened. This is the way we shift soul consciousness!

Just then I saw a very large crowd of souls in the room with me. These weren’t souls from the non-physical world, they were higher selves from this physical world; the souls who were going to be receiving this shift from our work that day. This was my dream realized. The crowds of souls were in the same room with me, though not in physical.

That, my friends, is the way you become the ‘change you want to see in the world.’ Keep doing your own work. Your shift will pave the way for others.

Namaste to all my soul friends,

Donna, Interdimensional Warrior