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In a previous blog I talked about timelines being straight lines, all of them lined up beside each other. I also talked about the possibility of jumping timelines and most certainly these timelines are beginning to settle into one version-the best one for whatever you are experiences at the present time. However, as I went further down the rabbit hole of timelines, I started to visualize  and begin to understand the following…

Timelines wrapping in on themselves

Photo credit HBKerr, Deviant Art

This began during a reading with a client; both of us were challenged by similar situations. I know this woman and I asked if we both could be guided by spirit into a meditation to help us. She agreed. I immediately began to see me in a tunnel, like a culvert type tube, and at the end of the tunnel was clear, bright sky. The tunnel itself was rotating and I had to hold on to the sides to stop it from moving. The tunnel represented my challenge and my inability to let go of said ‘challenge.’

My client was right there with me in her tunnel. I began to realize I was stopping many timelines from moving forward as I attempted to stop this one spinning vortex. What was happening here? Were these tunnels separate? Were all my timelines looping around me and not connected at all? No, it was very clear they were all attached to each other. When one of them spun, they all spun. If I held my timeline from moving, they all stopped. The only way through this was to stop holding onto the sides of this tunnel and begin walking. I asked my client if she was ready to let go? She said, “Yes.” But I wasn’t so ready.

I immediately began to have a very heavy sadness about letting go of this spin I thought I was stopping. I realized my holding on was not helping as much as I thought. The letting go was the piece, once again, that I was missing. I reluctantly let go and began to walk to the other end of this vortex. It wasn’t easy. Everything about this move was new and felt scary. My client was my anchor during this visualization. My timelines were spinning in on themselves. They were one continuous loop. I now saw the attachment piece.

When I reached the end of the tunnel I saw a wide ocean scene. To the left was the beach, to the right was more ocean, an expanding ocean. What was I to do? Did I feel comfortable enough with myself to jump? Was I sure this was what I wanted? I could feel in me the years of holding on to this challenge…the lifetimes of holding on. It was time to let go.

Stay tuned for more. And stay tuned for a special YouTube video about Patience.

Thank you for being a light in this tunnel. This tunnel is one we share with everyone. Your light shines when mine starts to dim, and mine will shine to show you the way too. You could never drop the light, you see, it’s impossible to drop. The light is you! What are you holding onto to stop your timeline from moving?

Watch this video also. I explain a day when another ‘me’ stepped in to help me.


Interdimensional Warrior