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The PathAs I sit here and read the forecast of one of the sites I follow for the month of April, I am not reading anything new. It seems we’ve been going through the same phases every month/year/lifetime. Feelings ebb and flow…is there really anything changing? Are there any differences from last month?
If you know me, I’m all about change. There have been many GREAT opportunities for me in the last 5 years alone for change. I’ve accepted said ‘change’ with the most open of hearts! But right now I keep seeing my path stretch out in front of me. As I get closer to the light at the end, it appears to keep moving away from me, like some kind of joke! As much as I trust and am guided by spirit, I’m starting to wonder…”What the #*@#?”
Could it be there is no great breakthrough even though things are constantly changing? Is that the idea? Things are always changing but yet they remain the same? Although I feel movement always forward, it seems the path moves forward as I move forward. The end only stretches further out as I move beyond the restrictions I put on myself. Could it be ME at the end of the path and ME in the middle of the path and ME at the beginning of the path…all at the same time?
I seem to be correct. I now see, in my vision, a laughing version of me holding a flashlight at the end of the path. She coaxes me forward and I stare in wonder. “Why do I feel that I can’t catch up to you?” She says, “Because I am you. You are always walking away from yourself, towards yourself. Taking me with you is part of the deal. You are here as I am here and you are there as I am there.”
A lot to take in right now, especially with more change looming over me…or should I say in front of me. Good luck my friends out there reading this. If you are going through the same right now let me know. I enjoy not feeling like I’m alone in this.
I see it, I live it, and I am experiencing all of it. Sometime it, takes its toll on me and I must rely completely on my guides. Know you are never alone. Spirit always has your back.
Interdimensional Warrior
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