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I love it when someone sends me a question. There are so many different types of mediums, that all answers are good ones! If you’d like one of your questions answered here, send to me at dboylemedium@gmail.com or ask in the comment section below.

I received this question on Facebook.

Q:  “Hello. This is a very mundane question: How do you know you’re a medium, and how do you nurture that gift?”

Donna Boyle, Medium

A:  Meditation, meditation, and meditation. LOL. I can only speak for me when I answer this question. I saw a spirit and he spoke to me back in 2012. From that day on I set myself on a quest to find out why. That road led me to mediumship, channeling, and some very intense past life work. Great question! I do believe anyone can do it. It takes a lot of work and devotion to self and spirit.

I spent a few years working through my own stuff and my ego. I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation for over 15 years and that had put me on a good path for my inner work.

I also found out a bit ago that I was seeing spirit when I was a child and my family thought it was my imaginary friend and ignored me. So I had that going for me, but it also led me to struggle my whole life with ‘not being heard.’ Good lesson.

I have heard stories where people were in some sort of accident and that’s what turned on their gift also. All in all, I know that what we do in this life we’ve chosen to do in our in-between lives. That being said…well, whatever that means to you. 🙂

It’s a good one. Thanks for sending it along. Hope that answers your question.

Thanks again!