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Deja Vu copySome of you may have your own idea about what deja vu is; how you experience it, how it affects you and maybe more importantly, how you explain it. I used to spend a lot of time saying, “That was cool, but what the heck was that?”

Since rediscovering my gifts of connecting with the ‘other side,’ my experiences with deja vu have been more intense. These moments have lasted longer than a few minutes. Sometimes they would last for half the day! I couldn’t figure it out. They still felt the same, just lasted longer, and I felt more connected to whatever this memory or dream I was reliving actually was.

My past ideas about these flashes were everything from dreams that I’ve had before and was now reliving them in waking life, a past life moment that I was reliving in this life, and the even more crazy idea, that I was bleeding through to another timeline. My cousin would have deja vu moments that also lasted more than a minute and she would get physically ill from them—nauseous, lightheaded, stomach ache. I would have these same symptoms as I was raising my vibration in meditation to connect with spirit. The feeling of shaking eventually disappeared as my vibration lifted. What was this telling me? How are these two events similar?

One day last summer I was struggling with something. At this moment I couldn’t even tell you what that challenge was, but that day I was having a difficult time and didn’t think I would figure out how to get passed it. The next morning I awoke and did not recognize my room or my family. I drove to work feeling like I was not me (it felt like I was hovering above my body) and the car was driving down a road I had never been on before, but somehow knew the way. Arriving at work I recognized my fellow employees, however, I did not know them. I eventually settled into the day and everything that was weird assimilated into normal once again. (or was normal weird and this new way was normal?)

The next morning I no longer had a problem with the issue from the day before. It was gone—the anxiety was gone. Whatever concern I had with it had resolved itself, seemingly overnight. How did that happen? I hadn’t done anything.

My thoughts turned to timelines. Had I jumped timelines? Or had another ‘Donna’ jumped into my timeline and helped me with this problem? Was that even possible? Did this other Donna come along because I couldn’t do it and needed to do it? I observed the transition—the two Donna’s—the day before. Does this happen often and do most of us not notice it?

I’d been sitting with all of these questions for the last few months and I do believe I’m beginning to figure this out. If connecting with spirit/higher self/spirit guides changes your vibration, and if deja vu moments also change your vibration, then could this mean that deja vu moments are somehow related to a connection with another vibration?

Let me say one more thing, I absolutely agree and can confirm that timelines are changing. I know that timelines are coming together into one timeline. This won’t happen until the soul you are in this timeline moves into alignment with the you in another timeline.

Rubber bandAnother way to visualize this would be to imagine how a rubber band, when you twang it, vibrates and begins to look like there are many bands, and then eventually settles back into one band. That’s timelines to me. The vibration is changing. Timelines are settling into one version.

Which version will you settle into?

Writing this blog = mind blown. I just added a video on my YouTube channel about this too.

Let me know your thoughts and if this has ever happened to you.


Interdimensional Warrior