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I used to own a yoga studio in Vermont way back when. I loved that place. I could go there anytime for my own private practice space and I could teach any class I wanted. The space appeared to me in a very interesting way; sort of like the Universe conspired to make it happen. This was long before I discovered my gifts as a medium and channel, but I truly believed there was something/someone else working its magic on me at that time.

After my yoga classes, my students would say how great the class was and I would agree! Most of the time I had no idea where my words were coming from; they weren’t from me! I would joke with them and say, “I must’ve channeled it!” As I came to find out, that was true for me. I have two spirit guides that were yogis in their lifetime on this planet.

Still though, it was many years later that I re-established my connection to the world of spirit. Yesterday I was looking through some old DVDs. One had pictures of my yoga studio. The first one I pulled up was this one:


I immediately recognized that familiar shape. Orbs everywhere. First thing I asked myself was, “How did I not see these before?” I answered myself, “Because you weren’t ready before. You are now.”

The lesson? Never say, “I’ve already seen/heard that. I don’t need to go/listen again.” You are a constantly changing soul. Your soul is evolving every moment. Don’t hold yourself back because you think you already know everything/have seen everything/have heard everything. Look at the world with fresh eyes every day. You never know what you might see…again.

Donna, Cobbler

“Mending souls one reading at a time.”