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Kitten Finding LightI hear way too often, “I can’t meditate. I can’t quiet my mind.”

I posted this YouTube video last year about meditation. It’s time to pull it out again.

Meditation is a practice. Even after 20 years, I still have times when all I focus on is my monkey mind. Meditation certainly can be about clearing the mind, however, first we must acknowledge that the mind is filled with thoughts. Start with that.

Follow the thoughts as they flow into and out of the mind. Be aware of your own judgement, your feelings of guilt and your blame. And allow those thoughts to also flow by.

Another old adage is you have to meditate for an hour or more. That is no longer the case. Taking the time to sit and close your eyes and breathe, even if only for 5-10 minutes, is a wonderful way to start your practice.

Lastly, know that every time you set the intention to meditate—every time you sit in meditation (assume the pose)—you are accomplishing meditation. There is no perfection when it comes to meditation, no ending point. Meditation is a practice. Begin…

Donna, Interdimensional Warrior

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