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Pendulums are a great way to speak with your higher self. If you aren’t familiar with them, here’s what they look like and a quick run down.


You hold the top with one hand while the pendulum hangs. Your first question (if this is your first time using one) is, “Show me yes.” Second question, “Show me no.” Your pendulum will either circle or swing and those will be your ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Now that you have that down, you can ask the harder questions or use a pendulum to find lost things. It’s a cool tool to have in your tool box.

When you pick it up to work with it, your first question will then be, “Pendulum, can I ask you some questions?” Of course, the answer will always be ‘yes’, right? WRONG!

A couple months ago when I was contemplating another big move, I picked up my pendulum and asked if I could ask it some questions. The answer was “No.” I was flabbergasted! Did my higher self just say NO to me?

The next couple months were challenging. I had to make big changes and learn many new things. Processing old ‘stuff’ was taking on another meaning. I had to be constantly checking in with myself and my true feelings. My higher self didn’t want any of her answers to be taken the wrong way or used by me as an excuse. “See, my pendulum says I don’t have to do this!”

I had to move forward. I just had to rely on me and who I truly am, which really is my higher self! I learned some great lessons and thought it was rather amusing that each time I picked my pendulum up and asked that first question, it said ‘no,’ for over two months!

Last week, after the move was done and I had worked very hard through some pretty pertinent stuff, my pendulum said ‘yes’ once again. I asked it what I had been thinking over the last two months and I was very happy to see that my pendulum was giving me the answers I had already come up with!

Life moves on and we need no outside validation. Pat yourself on the back. You’re doing great.

Donna, Transdimensional Warrior

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