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IMG_1161Now that title is funny…and just given to me by spirit!

I recently made another huge move across the country. In July I moved to the Seattle area but spent most of the next two months at the Vibrant Health Institute in Union City, MI where my brother is the director. When he previously asked me to come work for him (many times over the last year), it wasn’t something I could do. When he asked me once again to come work for him in October, all the signs told me the answer would now be “YES.” I sold my car and left in four days.

Many lessons came up for me in Michigan. This age of shifting and re-processing old crap, was something I was ready for and realizing now it was what I was avoiding. That was okay. It will happen when it happens. Many times over the last month or so I’ve had opportunities to practice what I was learning and my response wasn’t the same. That’s a good thing too.

Last night I heard a voice in my head say, “I think I’ll go for a run tomorrow.” I immediately questioned it and it sure sounded like me, but a different part of me. In the past I would hear myself say negative things. This time I was happy hearing this, but I most certainly don’t run anymore…for anything!

That’s not what this voice was about—the actually running—only the emotion around running, which for me was a happy thought. Running is exercise and the fact that I even thought about a physical exercise like that, in a new place, seemed huge for me. The thought came with an actual image of me running. I know, it’s weird to see yourself thinking something and then see yourself seeing yourself thinking something and doing something. I’ve said before, “Weird is taking on another meaning for me these days.”

All of this brought me to know that our minds are really changing now, not just the times. No longer are we hearing negative thoughts that we struggle listening to—let alone hear—but they are saying positive things now! Yahoo! Finally!

Listen to your thoughts. These are what the changing times are about. Notice your thoughts. They are changing and you may not even notice! Stop and breathe. If you jump to the ‘next thing’ you may miss your own voice finally speaking some truths to you. Your higher self always knows. You always know. Slow down. Feel. Listen.

Loving the change in me.