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IMG_0320A lot of souls here are missing the point. We all go to the same place when we leave our physical body; it doesn’t matter what we did here on the physical earth. To say that there is someone who you won’t see on the other side (heaven), that “they are not worthy of being there because of what they did here,” is still keeping us all separate. The separation happens in our own mind.

Oh and BTW…if you continue to have that view and take that view with you into non-physical, you will be surprised. As a soul, you choose what you want to be and do in the world of spirit. In spirit you are not the physical body you are here…unless that is what you choose. And you don’t affect any other soul there. Most souls that suffer on the other side do so by themselves. That is sad for me to see and, in my work, I help those souls as much as I help my clients in physical.

Donna, The Cobbler
I mend souls.