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Back of Friday nights cardA GREAT question! Let’s start with a simple meditation that you can practice every day. This meditation shows you how to hold one thought in your mind. Once you can hold that thought or image, for more than a minute, you can start to experience ‘no thought.’ During this time of ‘no thought’, you will begin to hear/see spirit. You will also get better at experiencing which thoughts are yours and which come from Spirit.

Meditation: Close your eyes and picture a rose in your mind’s eye–a single rose. Hold that image for as long as you can without your mind taking you somewhere else or adding another image to the scene. When your mind wanders, and it will, come back to the rose. Do this meditation as many times as you want during the day (A great break from looking at a computer screen).

Let me give you an example of what can happen when your mind is clear. Last week I was in NYC visiting my daughter. It was a late night and we were anxious to get to sleep. My daughter got a bad case of the hiccups (is there a good case?), and we tried everything to make them stop. All of a sudden I started asking her simple math questions; 2×4, 3×7, 5+9…like that. Then I asked her simple questions that made her think…”What was our address when we lived in Vermont?” I asked them fast, one after the other. Her hiccups stopped!

I have NEVER heard of this as a way to get rid of hiccups. The idea to try this remedy entered that clear space in my mind and I just started asking her the questions. As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember the thought, I just started speaking. I’ve been doing enough work with spirit to recognize this was their doing!

All of you are familiar with intuition. Intuition—that gut instinct—is also spirit speaking to you. When you get the ‘feeling’ you shouldn’t drive your normal way to work and later you hear that there was an accident on that road or how about when you find yourself thinking about someone and seconds later they call you? You are tapping into Higher Self. Are you listening?

These are perfect examples of how Spirit enters your thoughts. However, in order for them to do that, you must make room for them. And that’s where the above meditation practice comes in.

Automatic writing is another example of spirit speaking to you. I recently posted a video about this on my YouTube channel. During any form of channeling or meditation, if you say to yourself, “Is this spirit or me talking?”, then it’s probably you. Once you start to question yourself, you’ve lost the connection. The message from spirit is quick. It’s the first thought or image that you receive. It comes when you move out of the way so that your guides have clear access.

As a medium, I am a clear channel for spirit. They use images in my mind’s eye to get their point across or the words will just spill out of my mouth before I even have a chance to think. I remove myself and my own thoughts. It takes practice. I leave ‘NO ROOM FOR DOUBT’ when spirit speaks through me. I never ask the question, “Was that me?”

There are certainly times when I realize it is more me than spirit. And that’s when I stop and refocus, or try again another time. I observe myself and spirit. I’ve experienced times during my channeling when I am me, I am the entity that is speaking, and I am the moderator. It’s an amazing experience.

I truly enjoy sharing my experiences with you. I’m on Facebook and Twitter if you want to ‘follow’ along! I appreciate all of you and thank you! Please share!

In service with spirit,