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hands-in-chainsI am a medium. The word itself is outdated. A medium these days doesn’t only channel non-physical entities; a medium is also a healer. Not only do I connect with souls/spirit/guides from non-physical, they can also send me glimpses of your past lives so that you may heal present life challenges. There will always be a message for you. Your work is to receive the message and integrate it into your life in order to re-member your soul purpose.

When a past life image presents itself to me, the scene plays out in my head and I become my client in the image. I am able to share the images, feelings, and emotions. Spirit will take me through the scene slowly, and at each break I ask if the scene–and what it may signify in this life–resonates with my client. As I speak, I ask the client to only respond to questions with, ‘Yes. No or maybe.’ I want spirit to do the work and not them. I recently had a very powerful session and I asked him if I could share with others. He said, “Of course!”

The scene started this way…I saw him chained to the ground in a seated position in the middle of the desert. A group of men had put him there with his approval, and I felt it was a penance of some sort. Then the men walked away; however, they never returned. They were supposed to return in a few days, but something horrible happened and they all perished. My client didn’t know that though and remained chained and waiting.

As I explain this scene to my client, I asked these questions first, “Do you have trouble relating to or dealing with men?” He replied with a emphatic, “YES!” I continued, “Do you feel you cannot trust them?” Again, a resounding, “Yes!” I began to help him understand the reason they did not come back and how that is NOT happening in this life.

The scene continued. I began to get agitated in the vision (remember, I become the person in the vision). I saw myself pulling at the chains and pounding the ground with anger. I was yelling out for help, but no one came. My wrists started to hurt as I pulled at the chains hoping to break free.

I then asked my client, “Do you have pain in your wrists or arms?” He said, “I’ve had pain for a long time there. I had to drop out of college because of the tendonitis in my forearms.” I continued, “Do you also have a dryness in your throat that doesn’t heal?” Again he said, “Yes.” He was beginning to understand the relation to the past lifetime and what he was experiencing in this lifetime.

As the vision continued, there were now animals that walked in front of him just beyond his reach. These animals could have been food for him, but he was unable to pull the chains out of the ground and grab these animals.

I asked him, “Do you feel that things are always just beyond your reach? Things that could heal you or help you grow?” He said, “Yes!” And he understood why now.

Back in the scene, I noticed I couldn’t move from the ground. My legs were immobile. I was paralyzed from the waist down in the vision. I began to understand. He put himself out in the desert in the hopes of healing his physical body. This was what they believed then. This was his penance.

We both became very sad. And the healing began. My client walked out of this session with a new version of his life. He could see now why he never trusted men. He could understand how they always abandoned him in this life, from his father to his co-workers. And he also understood how he came into this lifetime surrounded by women. His messages were clear and so were the lessons.

When you die in a previous lifetime with challenges like these, they will be very pronounced in your next lifetime. These challenges were not resolved in the previous lifetime so his next lifetime was filled with lessons regarding the last one.

I was fortunate to be able to see him the next few days as this new realization began to change his life. He was feeling much better and his attitude was shifting.

I love my job! You can view more about my readings on my website. I look forward to speaking with you and being an active participant in your healing.

Donna, Medium and Cobbler

“I mend souls”