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The signs are everywhere. Time is no longer what you think it is. There is no time. Stop saying you “don’t have the time!”

Step off the curb

Most of us, at one time or another, have felt like in order to evolve we had to take a big leap of faith and jump off the cliff. I know, the image of that can be very shocking, not to mention life altering.

Then we visualized ourselves having wings, so that when we jumped, we would fly. That was much gentler, right? Seeing yourself jump off the cliff and the wind comes up under your wings and you fly off into the new version of you. Been there, done that? You may have found yourself in a different version of you, but you still felt stuck– in another time warp it seemed.

So you tried the ‘angel’ approach. You jumped off the cliff and an angel appeared and took you to a higher perspective of who you were meant to be. That was cool. Now you could see the view from a different angle and you also saw your potential from a new perspective. But alas, still, you didn’t feel any different in your physical body and although your challenges seemed to lesson, you didn’t feel whole. You began to question the approach, the way you were ‘jumping.’ Maybe this cliff wasn’t as big as you thought? After all, there were so many of us taking the leap but yet were still challenged by the ‘old stuff.’

Time to change the starting point. There isn’t a plunge. There isn’t a cliff. Your life isn’t up there in the clouds, it’s right here in this space. All of your guides and friends in the spirit world are right here with you. They aren’t ‘up there’ or ‘over there’–they are here. The cliff you once thought was something you had to jump off of is only a curb. A low curb. In fact, it’s painted yellow so you can see it better. Find it. Take your next step off the curb. No more waiting for the light to change. It’s always been green!

Step off the curb. Move along and accept that where you are is right where you are meant to be. Time is no longer a factor. It is only the NOW.

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Donna, Cobbler

“I mend souls.”