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If you are following the current energy shifts, you know that we are going through a pretty massive one right now. I love Ascension Soulstice Rising and In5D. The latest entries have been wild and you can’t get more confirmation than this!

Night Orbs :Credit Linda Lowther

Night Orbs :Credit Linda Lowther

I’ve been feeling this shift for a while now. Lately I’ve been able to video orbs wherever I am. They started when I was at the Vibrant Health Institute in Michigan. My brother is the director and he asked me to come and teach some classes. The first night there I had the place to myself and just started taking videos with my phone. Oh boy! What a blast. I just loaded a few of them on my You Tube channel and will be loading more tomorrow.

Here’s the thing, orbs/spirit/souls are always around us. There is no veil, there is no heaven and hell, there is only physical and non-physical. What it is about is raising your vibration so that you can ‘see’ them and ‘feel’ them. I know I’ve been working very hard at raising mine and staying in the 4th and 5th dimension. This is the dimension of LOVE! There is no other feeling there. Only LOVE!

With Wayne Dyer passing, we are, once again, forced to remember¬†that there is no death. Only a passing into another reality or dimension. There are many souls here in physical that are using this time to make their transition. If you are feeling immense sadness with the passing of Mr. Dyer, please take a look at what you are not accepting into your life. You are all that he spoke about. Receiving our ‘light body’ is not just for those in the public eye or spiritual teachers. We all are here to re-gain access to our light body.

Begin to see yourself as the light. Live in love with the light. The light is you. People are drawn to you because they see the light they are in you! So keep shining your light.

This month is going to be huge. Take it easy on yourself. If you can’t sleep, at least close your eyes and be still. Breathe. If you wake up in the middle of the night, your body just went through some pretty big healing, honor that. Stay in bed and close your eyes and breathe. All is going to be perfectly fine, if that’s what you choose.

It’s time to take personal responsibility for all that you are. All that you are re-membering, and all that you are re-claiming!

Love from the heart of my soul to the heart of your soul. After all, it’s not a very far trip…we are ONE!