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The following is part of a conversation with Abraham (Abraham-Hicks), that I channeled last year. Enjoy!

Donna:  How about the shifting to fifth gear?

Back of Spirit Card

  Back of Spirit Card

 Abraham Yes, those of you that have already softened and have  been on this road longer, your engine revving for longer, have found it  easy–easier–to shift into 5th gear, fifth dimension. I know you still  have some nausea, some headaches, but it is easier for you to soften  around those. When you wake up in the morning and you feel  nauseous, when your heart starts to pound with anxiety, you  immediately now say, “I accept my path this lifetime. I accept what it  is I need to do in this lifetime.” Therein lies the difference. 

So for those of you again, who are struggling with the shift from third to fourth dimension, is it possible for you to say to yourself when you have these feelings, “I accept. I accept what it is. I accept the way it is right now. I accept my shift and whatever that will bring to me today.”

It is a day-by-day thing. Some of you do see into the future. That is because you do not see time as linear as we do not see it as linear in non-physical, so it is easy for you to merge. Merge! Now we are getting into merging lanes. I do enjoy this car analogy!

DonnaThank you Abraham.

Abraham I feel honored to be here with you.  Please know that.

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Donna, Medium and Cobbler

“I mend souls.”