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I’ve been reading through my journal for the book I am writing, and came across this message I channeled last year from Abraham, the Ascended Masters (Abraham-Hicks). I asked them what I should call it, for it did not have a title, and they said ‘Becoming.’

Orbs in the night sky: Photo credit Linda Lowther


To the light which you seek, to the light which you will find, we are here to open. We are here to switch on the light.

We have said before, the light, the light that you seek is here. It is here now as it has never been here before–the light that you seek.

Do not fear the light, the light is here. For as you seek the light, you will find it. It is closer than you think. The light is closer than you think.

We honor the passage of time. We honor the passage of the link, the holes, that you have maneuvered through. For the maneuvering has got you where you are in this moment.