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Yes, the old saying is true, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination.”

I recently took a cross country car trip from Virginia to Seattle with 3 other people. As you can imagine, the trip was filled with beautiful sights and lots of curves…emotional curves. Each day I awoke with the words, “I am open to receive” and ended my day with words of love for the little girl inside and a short prayer, “Thank you.”

The journey was filled with signs from Abraham Lincoln showing me the way and confirming that this WAS the way. During the first leg of the trip, only about 3 hours in, he started giving me the sign in my physical body that he was there. I didn’t know why because he usually does this when I am doing a reading or about to do a reading. We play this game, and I say, “Look, unless you have something to say, wait until the reading.” (there is no time in spirit, so he gets confused. LOL). He continued for about 10 miles and then just as abruptly stopped. When I was in the passenger seat, I had time to ‘google’ what the connection was between that area and Lincoln. Sure enough, the answer was there. I had driven right through the area where his mother was born. What a fitting tribute to the love spirit has for us and that continues in the non-physical world.

One day I closed my eyes to sleep and woke up just as we were passing a sign that said, Lincoln–a town in whatever state we were in. And another day a sign for ‘Jerry’s Chevrolet’ was right next to a sign for ‘Lincoln County!’ Both my guides coming through at the same time. Now that’s a rare event!

When I finally arrived in Seattle, I went to my first live event with Matt Kahn. I parked my car about a block from the venue and as I was walking along I spotted this sign:

Lincoln Towing

Looking at it now and I do believe that’s a picture of Lincoln driving the car! How fun is that?

You see, the signs are everywhere. They could be literal signs, or they could be interactions with people. Everything is put in front of you for your evolvement–your spiritual and emotional evolvement. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and grow from every situation.

Matt Kahn says, “People hurt us to show us where to love ourselves more.” How can you love yourself more today? Speak kindly to others, and if you can’t, then say nothing. Later, use those kind words of love on yourself. Love, instead of fear, is a great start. Fear focuses on the injustice of the way others are treating you.

Have faith. Everything is here for you and your growth.

You can learn more about me and what I do at Donna Boyle, Medium. Join me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is the time for our souls to expand into who we truly are. Stay alert and be open to receive…anything!

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