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Angel in rare form on red blankieDecember of 2014 was one of the best and worst months of my life. How can I say that? Let me explain…

There is a website that I’ve been following for very spiritual and inspirational horoscopes for over 5 years (I’m a Capricorn). It’s called PlanetWaves.net. Eric has been right on target for me with every reading he does (He calls them horoscopes…I call them readings). Last year, sometime before December, I read that December would be one of the ‘top 10 months’ of my life! I was really looking forward to December!!!

However, everything is a matter of perspective. Late November I got sick. December 12th, my cat died unexpectedly. The day after I got the flu and was sick in bed for 3 weeks. Then my good friend passed away unexpectedly on Dec 29th. Good month? Great month? Didn’t figure out what Spirit was talking about until my cat appeared to me from non-physical.

The night Angel passed away, Abraham Lincoln came to me (along with my Dad and Killian) in my sleep and said, “We are going to take him now.” The next morning he was gone. I cried and cried for him, as we all do for our pets. But the more I yearned and missed him in the physical world, the more I could not SEE him in non-physical.

With my work as a medium, I am fortunate to be able to see spirit. Angel and Mr. Lincoln were having a great time in non-physical. This made me happy…very happy. However, I kept going to how much I missed my cat here in physical and every time I did that the sadness overtook me and I could not see his joy in spirit–his true soul.

I am not suggesting we shouldn’t grieve. We must grieve. There comes a time to also see our loved ones and our pets as the souls they truly are–in non-physical now. Angel is happy and having a great time with Abe in spirit. Seeing him this way is new for me. It was a transition for me. The two of them are certainly a picture of joy in spirit world. Abe holds Angel under his arm as much as he can. And Angel was not one you could do that with in physical.

The same is true for human beings. When our loved ones pass, if we continue to grieve and miss them here in physical, we cannot feel them in spirit. I’m asking you to let go when it is time for you and begin to feel your loved one as the soul they truly are. I see many clients holding onto the physical sense of their loved ones. Letting go allows the soul to come through to you. It opens you to receive their presence.

My friend Diane is also someone I grieve for and there are many times where I still question why she is not here. Then I see her in spirit and understand the ‘work’ she is doing now.

So, was December one of my top 10 months? I’d say YES! So much to learn and so much more to teach. It’s all about perspective. Both of these souls needed to leave this physical plane and now it is time for me to move across the country. A move that my cat, I was told a couple years ago, would not make with me.

I remain in service with Spirit,