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My pennies from heavenJust a quick background story of me this lifetime…

I moved to VA after closing a very successful business in Vermont. It was time to do other things and the Universe spoke–I listened. After 3 years here, I decided I didn’t want any more responsibilities and I wanted to focus mainly on my mediumship. I needed–and asked for–a small job with no worries. I immediately got a job, 2 days a week, as a cashier at a local car wash. This isn’t your ordinary car wash. They can wash up to 900 cars on any given day depending on the season (there’s more to say about the last 3 years here, but not the time for that now).

A few weeks ago, I was just about to ask for a few more hours (because my finances were running low), and one of the managers broke her ankle the same time I was thinking this. Needless to say, I got more hours!

These hours are now outside, checking cars after they are done. A few days ago it was rather cold and not busy, so I started walking around the parking area and at the farthest part, I found a penny on the ground. I put it in my pocket after saying, “Hello!” to Mr. Lincoln. I proceeded to check cars and found many more pennies in weird places. This is a good time to share that Abraham Lincoln is one of my Spirit Guides.

Then the big thing happened. Have you ever heard of an apport? It’s the paranormal transference or appearance of an object, a physical manifestation. Spirit sends an object through the dimensions. I’d heard of many instances, but never had one of my own.

I’m wiping the windshield of a car, (I rarely touch the windshield. Only if there is something that didn’t come off in the tunnel) and all of a sudden I hear a noise like metal dropping onto glass. Clink, clink, clink. And I look down at myself thinking, Do I have a necklace on that just touched the glass? I know that’s not possible because we aren’t allowed to wear any jewelry. In that instant, I look at the windshield wiper, and underneath the rubber blade was a penny!

That’s right. A penny just fell from the heavens; or appeared into physical from non-physical. Yes! My first apport. Maybe they appeared to me before but this was the first time it actually dropped in front of me…literally! Sometimes Spirit isn’t subtle, especially when you are not getting the message the first time. Thank you, Abe.

Here’s another note about what spirit can do with objects. They can take something from us here in physical and put it back in another place. Have you ever lost your car keys and they show up in later in a place you could’ve sworn you’ve looked before?

Some mediums have had jewelry appear in their hands from the world of Spirit!

Anyone else have experiences with apports?