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TimelinesIf you’ve gotten past the title of this post, thank you, and please ponder what you are about to read. It’s going to be intense and I’m still attempting to walk through my visions and feelings about this one. This is only the beginning of this conversation. Here we go…buckle up!

About a week ago I awoke to find myself not ‘feeling’ like I was me. The outside world was different. As I drove to work, the me in physical was in my car, but the me in my head was driving along on top of the road…still in my car. The road I’d been traveling on for the last 5 years, literally, felt like I was seeing a different version of it.

I eventually settled into the routine of the day, but things were definitely odd. Awareness is high for me, always has been, and with my work as a medium it has improved greatly. My mood changed–my mood about my life. This wasn’t an ordinary shift. I’ve had many of those. This was totally different. I had only felt THIS way once before–where I floated above my body and had to hold onto the wall to stabilize myself. This time something else, an outside source, was changing me.

This has nothing to do with spirit or universal force. Something started to come to my head after this experience. If you’re still reading this, then you are familiar with timelines. There is a great episode from The Next Generation, Star Trek series that deals with many timelines coming together (if anyone can find it, send it along to me).

Ok, so what started to evolve was this notion that I jumped timelines. One of ‘me’ from another timeline, came into this one. Where did the one who was here before go? Did she leave or is she integrated into the new one? I have no idea. But this me that chose to jump, had every intention of pushing me into a better place of acceptance. Everything started changing in a different way that day. The energy shifted too. I’m going through some changes and I’m all about change, but this time, prior to this jump, I was fighting the change. This timeline shift allowed for a different me to experience the change with a new perspective. So is this timeline shifting or free will?

Did I just change my mind and change my life, as the saying goes? No, I didn’t. Like I said, I’ve had those moments before. This was not a ‘free will’ moment.

Wow, I know, I’m still laughing and thanking myself all at the same time. And I’m now speaking in terms of, “…the new me, the one who shifted timelines…”

Here’s something else to ponder. My good friend that passed away in December was one that did not believe in timelines. In fact, I don’t ever remember discussing them with her. She chose not to change and chose not to engage free will and that allowed for her to cross into non-physical at an early age. Did she fight free will or did she fight timeline shifting? (She even had a very clear message less than a month before her passing that gave her one last time to accept the timeline shift.) I’m not saying she could have stayed here. This probably was just the way she wanted to leave this time. I do believe what she chose was just what she wanted. However…could it have been different? And would that difference been free will or a timeline shift?

I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced these transformative timeline shifts. You can email me at dboyle.medium@yahoo.com or comment here. Start the dialogue. The conversation is crazy good! Awareness is key. Deepen it for yourself! 🙂

I’m very excited to see what this new ‘Donna’ has in store for me!

In service with Spirit,