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It’s the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. He was shot on the 14th and died on the 15th. I moved just south of Washington, DC over 5 years ago. Getting to know and channel Abraham Lincoln from spirit was never in my plan, but here I am doing just that.

Shortly after I discovered my long buried gifts of ‘seeing’ spirit, I began to give readings. Mr. Lincoln appeared for the first time during a reading with a client early on in my practice. I thought he was there for her and never expected him to still be with me today.

After that reading he sent many signs of validation to me. This was the first one…the day AFTER the reading. Lincoln Dr.

Abe appeared in my first group reading with his arm around General Lee stating, “I love this guy!” My first thought was “How the heck am I supposed to interpret this!” Yes, one of the participants in the group was friends with the great, great, (great?) cousin of General Lee.

I’ve done past life work with Mr. Lincoln, or should I say he’s done it with me. We were together during that time over 100 years ago. Our story is one of great sadness and has propelled me forward to continue this work (more to come).

During readings I will feel his presence or he will send me a tell tale physical sign he is there. Some connect with his melancholy, others connect with his upbringing. One laughed out loud and said, “I love that man! When I was in grade school I wanted to be him in the school play, but the teacher wouldn’t let me because I was a girl. I complained until I got the part!” Still another confessed of a childhood ‘crush’ on him. All of us had a good laugh with that one!

This past December, my cat passed away. Around midnight, Mr. Lincoln, along with my father and my cousin’s dog in spirit, came to me and said, “We are going to take him now.”(This statement still brings tears to my eyes). My cat Angel, with Abraham Lincoln in spirit? Yep, the two of them. Abe walking around with Angel tucked up under his arm. Shortly after it was confirmed, through a few sources, that Lincoln did like cats. I just finished watching the documentary, “Living With Lincoln” and it was stated in this, that cats were Abe’s favorite animal. He would feed them on the table with a gold spoon!

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In service with spirit,