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Is this the 'right' path?

Is this the ‘right’ path?

“Humans have a tendency to want fixed definitions and permanent states, though definitions morph constantly and the state of the world is in a constant state of change.” Eric Francis

Change…ah yes, a constant for sure. How do you know the definition you used for something yesterday still resonates today? Or the choice you made yesterday will be the same choice you’d make today? You don’t. You can only discern in every given moment, not later–in every present moment.

In order to get to the point of being able to discern, you must rid the old stuff and clear the mind. When the moment–the present moment–arises and you have the opportunity to use your discernment you will be fully capable of that right at that very moment. There will be no need to move away, consult others (oracles), ‘think’ about it later, or allow judgement/guilt/shame to enter. You will have your answer immediately.

Discernment is about asking yourself, “How does it make me feel?” I can listen to something or someone and think, “No, that doesn’t resonate with me.” And then listen again in a month or even a week and think, “Wow, that really resonates with me now!”

I read a lot about the shift of Human Consciousness. I also write about it. I’ve heard this time is making us tired and also making us feel invigorated. I’ve read some of us feel sad and depressed and others are joyful and light. Why so much back and forth? Because we are all in different phases of our ‘shift.’ When I feel something resonates with me, I’ll continue to read it. I’ve discerned it makes me feel good. If it doesn’t resonate, I first look at how I’m feeling. Am I projecting something or am I missing something? All of that is discernment.

Looking at something from all angles before we dismiss it is key. However, I do that in the moment, not later, after my ego has a chance to say to me, “Hey, wait a minute. I’m not happy with this change. I want to hang on a little longer.”

Change…a constant. Be open to the change you are becoming in all your present moments!

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