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President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln

April marks the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s death. I never believed in death, but now I have proof of an after-life. Certainly not the kind of proof a scientist would believe, but it’s enough for me.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I am a medium and channel, and Jerry Hicks and Abraham Lincoln are two of my guides. My first spirit appeared to me in March of 2012–well, I thought that was my first. I came to re-member that I’d been ‘seeing’ spirits since I was a child, however, since I did not get the support then, I chose to bury my visions. That’s OK. Everything happens for a reason and I had other plans for those years.

During a reading with a client two years ago Abraham Lincoln appeared, and he’s been around ever since.

I have much to tell, but in this post I’ll share a conversation with Mr. Lincoln. My talks and meditations with Abe (he says it does not matter what I call him) and Jerry have been intimate and profound. We discuss feelings and experiences that are meant to be shared. These conversations are to help you on your spiritual and personal journey during this physical go-round.

This channeled message is about fear. As you read it, think about how it makes you feel.

Donna: Pres. Lincoln, can you go deeper into the word “fear” and why and how it is manifested? How it manifests in us as these human “doings” and not human “beings?”

Mr. Lincoln:  Fear. I will gladly speak of fear though I speak of it with a heavy heart because I knew much fear. And I knew those around me, and I felt those around me in their fear. You who you are right now, Donna, you know it. You feel it in others.

When I was on the earth plane I did not understand what I understand now. So we fought with fear. We felt the fear rage and then called it anger. And all we knew how to do was live in this anger and [that] we had to stop others. We had to stop them from stopping our fear and the only way we knew how to stop them was to use anger.

Today, in your day now Donna, the fear bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, [and] before it has a chance to even come to the surface, it is pushed down by anger. Anger is easily controlled. Anger is a controlling emotion. Fear controls us. Fear controls those who do not see the anger. They only move through anger and do not feel the fear. They can control anger. They cannot control fear. Fear controls them.

Am I not making sense now? Yes, I know you see it. That is a good statement. They can control their anger. Fear controls them and they cannot–will not–allow that.

D:  I see those words in my head and I feel those words as sadness in my heart.

Mr. Lincoln:  Correct. I struggled with that. I did not know what to do with those feelings in my heart…such a deep sadness. No one else understood my sadness. That was my sadness. I could not feel others. I could not help them, but I understood it all and carried it in my physical body. Carried it in my head and carried it in my heart. Today in your day Donna, to carry it is depression. To attempt to squash it down is substance abuse. To attempt to feel it is anger. There is no attempt at feeling the fear among those who are angry. They stay angry because of the “fear of fear.” They would rather control others with anger than allow the fear to overtake them. It is a sadness I still feel. I hope to get this out more through you and others. It is my hope. I do have hope here for you down there. (Pause) Yes.

D:  [I’m feeling the pressure in my head and I feel the tension in my body as I absorb what he is saying and Mr. Lincoln agreed.]

Mr. Lincoln:  That is how I felt as I walked the physical plane. I was put there to find a balance between the anger and the fear. And I was always bouncing one to the other. And when I stayed center, stayed balanced–what I thought was balance–the sadness overtook me. The sadness overtook me. (Pause)

D:  I feel such an emptiness here as I look into Spirit world now. I see you in sadness and now I understand when you first came to me…it was sadness that you felt. And I feel how you have not ascended more into the higher dimensions because you still feel your duty, you still feel a sense of…what’s the word…a sense of honor and a sense of willingness, and a sense of want, to help us here. Yes, I see you nodding your head Mr. Lincoln. I understand. I understand now more. I understand still, there is a difficulty in balance because it creates sadness and then I imagine the sadness is my own and I take it all upon myself, when it is not my own. I do have the ability now to stand in balance–to stand in love. And understand others in their fear and anger. (Pause) I want to thank you for what you’ve done. I want to thank you for your…I don’t even have a word for it here…the fact that you stay where you are in order to help us, because that allows you to still feel that sadness, doesn’t it?

Mr. Lincoln:  Yes, it does. But I move in and out of it. I am here with it now for you to understand. I can move in and out of it. You’ve seen me happy. And I’m here with my friends. Jerry and I. Jerry has done the same thing. He also stays here to help in this place.

D:  I feel it as an in-between.

Mr. Lincoln:  You can say ‘in-between,’ but I don’t say that. I move in and out. I move around. It’s a middle ground. The sadness is a middle ground.

D:  I understand that. I feel how there is no breath there. I feel constricted of my breath. I feel the souls who are in that place squishing me right now.

Mr. Lincoln:  Yes, there are many. I stand out of them. You feel them. I long to help them. I do see a time when this will come. In due time. When we both will help more. In due time, Donna. In due time. You build your–hmmm resistance is a harsh word– but it’s a sort of resistance to being in this place. You resist it now. Engulf fully in it. And then move to where I am as you only view it and you’re not in it and they’re not squishing you. That’s a good way to describe it. All of those souls, they squish and they cling to you to feel your light. Move through those. Those souls are not only here, they are on the physical earth plane also. You will learn to move away from them. I will help you. For now, I want you to move away now, toward me. Try it. See what it feels like.

D:  It’s brighter.

Mr. Lincoln:  Yes, it’s brighter here.

D:  And I see a mass cloud of dark, a cloud of darkness.

Mr. Lincoln:  Yes, that is what it is.

D:  I understand that.

Mr. Lincoln: We cannot send them light. You cannot send anyone light who is not open to receive it.

D:  I want to end on that one. “You cannot send anyone light who is not open to receive it.”

Thank you Mr. Lincoln. Thank you for your peaceful sense, your peaceful words.

In service with Spirit,


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