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I’ve talked in earlier posts about my experience with Rev. Hoyt Robinette and his Spirit Card circles. Recently I added a video about them on my YouTube Channel Here it is.

What’s so great about spirit is, they will respond in so many ways. As I said in my last post, you only have to be listening.

Raising your vibration is a great way to begin. You could easily ‘google’ How to Raise Your Vibration, so I won’t bore you here with all of that. I will tell you though, it includes other things NOT listed.

Raising your vibration means many more things. It’s the way you speak, it’s the way you listen, it’s about the thoughts you think. So not just meditation or listening to music or wearing the right colors; raising your vibration is a constant process.

Every moment of every day. How are you responding to others? Remember, every part of you is shifting into the new consciousness–The Christ Consciousness.

If you haven’t browsed through my website yet, check it out. I’ve added some new things and there are further explanations about my Spirit Cards there. I’d love to have you follow me on Facebook also. I add daily present moment reminders and some great lines from Abraham Lincoln and Jerry Hicks! Their conversations with me have started a new venture. I’m writing a book and you can stay up to date about where that is going too!

Thank you for ‘being’ here.

In Service with Spirit,